Solving the Challenges of Complex Wiring and Harness Design

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The world is seeing technology advance at exponential rates. Products and devices are now more integrated than ever with intelligent electronic systems. This has presented challenges to engineering teams requiring them to combine both electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines. It becomes more apparent when designs incorporate electronic components, PCBs, bundles of wires, and wire harnesses.

The Challenges of Harness and Wire Design

Products and devices are becoming more portable in an effort to be competitive and reduce the overall waste footprint. Harness design has also become a large part of the design process and understanding things like space constraints, wire routes, and connector pin outs becomes an imperative part of the design process. Unfortunately, it also typically becomes the most manual part. Creating these deliverables for harness manufacturing is critical to meet project deadlines and go to market before competitors.

You most likely know that SOLIDWORKS Premium contains manual routing capabilities and features, but what happens when your wiring needs become more complex? When your design requires intricate harnesses that contain 20-30 (or more!) wires, multiple connectors, splices, and need to be routed in specific areas of your design due to space constraints or to avoid potential areas that would result in catastrophic failure?

Introducing Enterprise Harness for SOLIDWORKS

Enterprise Harness and Enterprise Layout are certified SOLIDWORKS Partner Products created specifically to address the challenge of designing harnesses in a 3D mechanical CAD environment. Not only are you able to route harnesses in your 3D CAD environment, creating things like flattened 2D harness drawings for manufacturing become automated with the click of a button.

We understand this solution is not meant for every design, but for designs that require complex harnesses which must be consistently updated, or when new products and iterations are continually being developed, these solutions can provide exponential value in reducing your overall time designing, documenting, and creating harness design deliverables for manufacturing.

Learn More About Enterprise Harness

To see for yourself how Enterprise Harness can help to streamline your wiring and harness design, watch our on-demand webinar, “Untangling Wiring Design Challenges With Enterprise Harness,” or contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems today to schedule a demo.

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