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DraftSight provides professional 2D drafting and 3D design tools that enable the easy creation, editing, viewing, and marking up of any DWG file. Its user interface and functionality are very similar to other market-leading 2D CAD tools, such as AutoCAD. DraftSight also has additional productivity tools and more flexible licensing options – often resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

IMPORTANT: Minimum quantity of two (perpetual license only) must be purchased.

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2D CAD Drafting and 3D Design

Whether you are a hobbyist, student, or large corporation, DraftSight has a package to help you get products designed, manufactured, and to the customer as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • DraftSight Professional and Premium offer essential 2D tools for DWG-based tasks, plus productivity tools. Premium adds advanced capabilities, including 3D design tools.
  • DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus are intended for organizations with multiple users and more frequent usage. Perpetual and network licenses are available, allowing for software ownership and license sharing, so fewer licenses can serve a larger user base. Users also receive dedicated technical support from Hawk Ridge Systems.

To help select the right solution, download our DraftSight Buyer’s Guide.

Who Benefits from Using DraftSight?

AutoCAD users who collaborate with SOLIDWORKS users and those who use (or are considering using) SOLIDWORKS for 3D CAD benefit from switching to DraftSight. DraftSight and SOLIDWORKS work efficiently together to share files, re-use or update legacy data, or transition from 2D to 3D.

When you switch from AutoCAD to DraftSight, you will get:

  • Familiar functionality and user interface
  • More flexible licensing options, including Term, Perpetual, and Network licensing
  • A lower total cost of ownership

See our blog article to compare licensing models of AutoCAD and DraftSight.

Additional Productivity Tools, Including:
Essential 2D Drafting and Design Tools
LISP Automation
Import/Create Dynamic (Custom) Blocks
Sheet Set Manager
Geometric/Dimensional Constraints
Network/Perpetual Licensing
Dedicated Technical Support
Power Trim
Design Reuse Library
Customization Reuse
Premium Tools
Interoperability Tools
Customization Tools
Enterprise Tools
PDF Import / Convert and Underlay


At Hawk Ridge, we’re driven by the need to provide best-in-class service and support to our customers. We have been diving in with engineers like you to help solve business and design challenges for over 20 years.

  • We helped a customer that manages legacy drawings in DWG format by providing a network license, which allowed their staff to use the software as needed while keeping their software costs down. A team of 10 was able to share 2 network licenses, saving significant money compared to the subscription-based named user licensing offered by another vendor.
  • One of our customers used DraftSight to directly prepare DXF files for their laser cutter, seamlessly supplementing their SOLIDWORKS-based design process.
  • The use of DraftSight helped a customer that makes products for the architectural industry by providing a solution for their staff to quickly and easily read and edit files provided to them by architects and suppliers, while designing their products to fit in SOLIDWORKS 3D.
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We can provide advice and consulting assistance with the automated deployment of DraftSight Enterprise, allowing you to get your entire team set up with 2D CAD with a single action.



Through our partnership with SolidProfessor, we provide hours of self-paced video training content broken into short, easy to learn videos for you to access at any time.

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DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus include complete technical support from us here at Hawk Ridge Systems, meaning you’ll get rapid assistance for technical issues in our 12-hour support window from 5 AM PT to 5 PM PT.

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Is DraftSight better than AutoCAD?
The features of DraftSight overlap almost exactly with the features of AutoCAD, but at a fraction of the cost. DraftSight is also integrated into SOLIDWORKS and PDM to help with document management.
How do I activate DraftSight?
Start DraftSight and click on the down arrow beside “Help?” at the top right of your DraftSight screen. Then click on “Activate DraftSight” and take note of your serial number.
Can I try DraftSight for free?
Yes, you can download and start a 30-day free trial of DraftSight Premium.
Can I roll back my installation to the free version?
All free versions of DraftSight can no longer be activated. These versions have been discontinued since 12/31/2019.
Does DraftSight offer perpetual or network licensing?
Yes. Both DraftSight Enterprise editions are network licenses, meaning the license may be shared freely between multiple users. However, you may choose between a perpetual network license (no required annual fee) or a term (subscription) network license.
Is there a minimum number of licenses required in the initial purchase of DraftSight Enterprise editions?
There is no minimum number of licenses required to purchase DraftSight Enterprise editions if the term (subscription) licensing model is selected. For perpetual licenses, a minimum initial purchase of two Enterprise edition licenses is required. Subsequent licenses may then be added one at a time if desired.


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