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2D Harness Drawing

Enterprise Layout for SOLIDWORKS

Enterprise Layout quickly produces manufacturing-ready 2D layouts from your 3D harness models developed by Enterprise Harness, including wire lists, BOMs, and more.
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2D Harness Drawing Environment for Enterprise Harness

Generate flattened 2D drawings utilizing the 3D routed harness models from Enterprise Harness. Detail drawings are the key to production productivity and accurate manufacturing. With Enterprise Layout, you can achieve this with the built-in Bill of Material tables, wire lists, and circuit summaries.

solidworks enterprise layout

Key Features & Benefits

Robust Harness Flattening

Convert even the most complex harnesses to a flattened representation, without errors or unexpected behavior. Intuitive controls allow you to modify the layout of the harness segments for optimal visual clarity.

Automatic Wire Lists

Automatically populate the wire types and lengths used in the harness, capturing information about the wire gauge, color, and other characteristics.

Automatic BOM generation

Get a complete BOM of the harness, clips, retainers, coverings, connectors, and backshells with an automatically generated and placed BOM.

Options for Visual Style

Work with either a schematic layout of the harness structure, or switch to a pictorial style, including colors, to accurately visualize the flattened form of the harness. Quickly toggle between the two styles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Enterprise Layout require Enterprise Harness to run?

Enterprise Harness does not need to be installed on the same machine, but outputs from Enterprise Harness are required to start a drawing. With the 3D design software (Harness) and the 2D drawing software (Layout) being modular, different users can tackle each task, and different quantities of each solution can be purchased to meet your business’ needs.

What outputs can Enterprise Layout generate?

Enterprise Layout can produce outputs as DXF, BMP, or JPG. PDF outputs can be created through the print command and a PDF printer. One common workflow is to export DXF outputs to bring into SOLIDWORKS Electrical to include as part of the electrical design book, along with other information from the schematic.

How is Enterprise Layout licensed?

Enterprise Layout is available both as a standalone license locked to a specific user’s computer, or as a network license shared among design team members at a slightly higher price. It is typically sold as a perpetual license with an annual subscription fee that includes technical support and product upgrades.

What information about the design can be included in the layout?

Enterprise Layout supports the automated addition of a BOM, wire lists, and from/to list schematic diagrams. These outputs can all be customized to use the fields you desire.

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