Powerful manufacturing solutions help improve your efficiency when it comes time for the all-important portion of your design-to-manufacturing process: machining the part.

Powerful CAM and CNC Machining Solutions to Maximize Efficiency

The design-to-manufacturing journey isn’t complete until someone makes a part. At Hawk Ridge Systems, we recognize modern CNC manufacturing as an art form. Your ability to design for manufacturing, efficiently program your part, and then safely run your part in the minimum possible time, will all impact your company’s bottom line. We take that seriously and have put the software solutions, training, and support in place to assist you through your journey.

Whether you choose SOLIDWORKS CAM, CAMWorks, Predator products, or DELMIA NC on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we’re here to help you get the most out of your solution of choice and maximize your manufacturing efficiency. We’ve assembled a team of highly experienced, dedicated manufacturing professionals to help optimize your processes. Whether you need design-for-manufacturing advice, CNC programming support, or monitoring of your worldwide CNC production, we are here to support you and your company’s manufacturing goals.

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We provide complete services for your CAM and CNC machining software. We will get your software implemented to get you up and running quickly, provide free or custom post processors to ensure your software and machines work in harmony, and offer personalized consulting and mentoring to ensure you continue to be as productive as possible.



Our large team of Certified CAM trainers pulls from their extensive experience with our software solutions and real-world machining to ensure you are productive and efficient. We provide a variety of training options to suit every customer’s needs and learning style, including self-paced, instructor-led, and private.

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Our dedicated team of manufacturing support engineers is one of the largest in the region and available 12 hours a day to handle your support needs efficiently. We understand that if your machines go down, it starts costing money, so we’re here to help you get back on track as quickly as possible. If we provide you with a post processor, we will provide support and updates for the duration of your support contract.

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Why should I buy manufacturing software from Hawk Ridge Systems?
At Hawk Ridge, we take manufacturing seriously. It’s not an afterthought for us. We have one of the largest dedicated manufacturing service and support teams in North America, which was assembled by finding CAM talent from across the region who are not just experts in the software we sell, but also have extensive real-world experience. We understand the challenges you face in creating high quality machined components and want to share our experience to help increase your productivity and reduce the time-to-market for your parts.
Is there training available for your manufacturing software?
Yes, we offer comprehensive training for our manufacturing solutions, including self-paced learning modules, instructor-led training by our large team of Certified CAM trainers, and even one-on-one personalized training and mentoring.
How do I choose the best solution for my company?
We believe in taking a holistic approach. While there are many software products capable of programming parts, we’ve chosen to focus on integrated CAM solutions. These solutions leverage the design intelligence within your CAD models, alert you to changes in the CAD model, and even update tool paths automatically. They also work seamlessly with your PDM and data management tools.

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