How to Simplify Your Wiring With Enterprise Harness

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For those that must develop complex electromechanical assemblies, you know that developing the wire harness in a 3D environment has had its challenges in the past. With the development of 3D modeling tools such as SOLIDWORKS, more companies have chosen to integrate their wire harness into their 3D assemblies. Doing this, however, adds complexity to the 3D assembly and comes with its own set of issues.

Enterprise Harness and Enterprise Layout from Landmark Technologies have simplified the process of designing and documenting your wire harness in a 3D environment.

What is Enterprise Harness?

Enterprise Harness utilizes a lightweight graphic body of your SOLIDWORKS assembly, reducing the burden on your computer to integrate your 3D wire harness assemblies. With a familiar Windows-based interface, you can design your 3D wire harness quickly and accurately with the ability to start your design from a simple from-to list. It also utilizes a library of 3D connectors that are easily imported from SOLIDWORKS.

What is Enterprise Layout?

Enterprise Layout utilizes your 3D model from Enterprise Harness to flatten your 3D wire harness, producing better documentation for production. It also allows you to have multiple sheets – like SOLIDWORKS or other 2D drafting tools – with the ability to add notes and annotations. You can display the harness in a simplified format or in more detail with each wire and coverings. You can also include a bill of materials and simplified wire schematic with your drawings.

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To learn more about how you can use Enterprise Harness and Enterprise Layout, particularly with heavy equipment, check out our recent webinar, “Untangling Wiring Design Challenges with Enterprise Harness.”

For more information on how to use SOLIDWORKS and Enterprise Harness technology in your organization, or for any electrical questions you may have, contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems and we would love to help you. Thanks for reading!

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Charles Mayou

Charles manages electrical CAD application at Hawk Ridge Systems and is responsible for the operations of SOLIDWORKS Electrical presales engineering, implementation, consulting, training and post-sales support. He has over 20 years of CAD experience, as well as product design skills in mining equipment, medical devices, refrigeration systems and other fields.
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