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Integrated simulation allows you to easily test your design variations against real-world conditions in a virtual environment before ever building your first prototype.
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Right on Track: Pezo Solutions

The Pezo Solutions team had a goal: to help novice mountain bikers gain confidence for the trails. With that in mind, they developed Yardi – a versatile backyard track system. Using the SOLIDWORKS suite of design products, they were able to test, easily modify and drastically shorten their production cycle.
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Why should I buy simulation software from Hawk Ridge Systems?

Having supported simulation solutions since 1999, the Hawk Ridge technical team includes dedicated simulation specialists and product managers. We offer a wide range of technologies including FEA, CFD, electromagnetic, and injection molding simulation. We have the tools and expertise to help with your simulation needs at any level, from the casual user to the specialist analyst. If you experience a problem with the software or with performing a study, we’ve been there and can help. We also offer full training, along with services such as implementation and consulting to ensure that you get up to speed quickly and effectively use the simulation tool you choose.

Is there training available for your simulation software?

Yes. Hawk Ridge Systems offers multiple training courses and bundles that are taught by experienced, degreed engineers, as well as on-demand video training.

What are my licensing options for simulation software?

Our simulation solutions can be purchased as a perpetual license (with subscription) or as a term license.

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