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Markforged offers industry-leading 3D printing technologies with industrial metal and composite systems that create strong parts for end-use performance applications.
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Revolutionizing Dragsters With Markforged

In the high-speed, high-stakes world of jet engine drag racing, manufacturing quality parts is a matter of life and death. Just ask Josette Roach, one of only five female jet dragster drivers in the entire world.

Josette Roach and Brian Tocci of Larsen Motorsports saw the need to create a custom steering wheel for Josette’s jet car that would fit her hands exactly. Enter Markforged, and our Simulation software, which allowed the team at Larsen to build this part with top-end accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a Markforged machine through Hawk Ridge Systems?

Hawk Ridge Systems has dedicated engineers who operate, install, and service these systems every day. We know the in-depth tips and tricks to truly get the most out of these machines and we help our customers do the same.

Do you need to buy material from Markforged or is there an open-source material option?

Yes, the materials for the Markforged 3D printers are developed, tested, and manufactured by Markforged to create a complete system and designed to ensure your parts meet the quality and performance standards required from a professional 3D printer.

What software is needed to build a part on a Markforged printer?

All Markforged systems can run on the free, cloud-based build management software called Eiger. This software is free to try out at

How does the metal 3D printing system from Markforged work?

The Metal X uses a 3-step printing process of printing, washing, and finally sintering in an oven. The printing process itself is unique to metal 3D printing because it uses metal powder that is bound in plastic, which eliminates the risks and costs associated with handling metal powders.

What is the expected surface finish on a Markforged composite part?

Markforged printers have exceptional surface finish at a much higher grade compared to other printing technologies in this space. A major factor is due to the thermoplastics developed by Markforged in combination with finer layer heights.

Does Markforged provide an offline version of the Eiger software for high security companies?

Yes, Markforged has an offline version of their primary software called Offline Eiger.

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