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DriveWorks is a powerful tool for design automation and sales configuration that is ideal for companies that need to streamline the design process for custom products.

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Design Automation and Sales Configuration from DriveWorks

DriveWorks is a powerful automation tool for SOLIDWORKS that allows you to build a product configurator without the need for a programming background. DriveWorks can scale with your automation needs. It will help you easily speed up the engineering department but can go far beyond that to help you build a 3D product configurator that your customers can use directly on your website.

DriveWorks is an ideal fit for manufacturing companies that allow customers to order custom products. The software will help you with the automation and optimization of your design process and workflows when you have multiple custom variations of a product that you only want to design once the order comes in.

Automate Creation of SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies
Automate Creation of Drawings of Parts and Assemblies
Rich Form Creation Tools for User Inputs
Rules Builder with Functions Wizard
Real-Time Testing During Form Creation
Queueing and Unattended Generation for Model Creation
Generate Documentation
Advanced Form Controls
Generative Modeling
Connect with External Databases
Interactive Step-Through of Model Generation
3rd Party Integration
Built-In CPQ and Dashboard Applications
Web-Connected Functionality


At Hawk Ridge, we employ the largest number of DriveWorks specialists of any SOLIDWORKS reseller in our region. We do not just offer DriveWorks training and support, but we use the product routinely to build solutions to real-world automation problems for our customers. Everybody here who uses it is genuinely interested in automation and thrives on tackling newer and bigger problems together.

We have helped customers implement and develop design automation across multiple industries, saving hours of design time and developing streamlined design processes.

In one of our largest success stories, our customer was spending approximately two weeks' worth of engineering hours producing design packages for a single customer order. They asked us if we could get the process down to two days. Once finished, we had the process down to 10 minutes.

Design Automation and Sales Configuration from DriveWorks Design Automation and Sales Configuration from DriveWorks
driveworks services


Our service offerings include software implementation of all DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Professional modules, server migrations, mentoring, and custom turn-key automation development in the event you just want to get things done fast.

driveworks training


Our training team includes Certified DriveWorks Professionals who have a passion for automation and have personally built systems in the past. Their industry experience translates into a deeper understanding of practices and tricks of the trade you can utilize in your own automation projects.



Our DriveWorks support staff are very experienced, having run into some highly unique and challenging problems faced by our customers over the years. We have a large pool of DriveWorks specialists in-house, plus a close relationship with the DriveWorks staff, so no matter what challenge you face, we will put our heads together and find the best possible solution.

driveworks support


I have never used a programming language such as VB, is that a problem?
No. DriveWorks was developed to look and feel like you are writing Excel formulae rather than visual basic code. It was developed by engineers, for engineers to develop their own automation without needing to be a programmer.
How long will it take to build my automation?
Automation projects can range from a few minutes to several months. We strongly recommend developing a project plan and tackling automation steps in phases, learning at each step. Our team can help you make a plan to learn the software, break your goals into phases, and achieve your automation goals in a smooth and efficient manner.
I want DriveWorks Professional. Do I need to buy the deployment modules such as DriveWorks User, Live, or Autopilot right away?
No. You can add the required modules at the appropriate phase of the project, and we can help you plan out the project phases.
Will DriveWorks automatically build new models and drawings for me?
Yes, however DriveWorks operates on a master model approach so you must have source models and drawings created ahead of time. These source models are used to first capture the design information we want to change before we eventually get new models from them.
Can DriveWorks integrate with an ERP system?
Yes, DriveWorks Professional has various mechanisms we can use to communicate with your ERP. It can communicate directly with foreign databases as well as produce XML files which may be imported using your ERP.
Will Hawk Ridge Systems be building the automation for us?
Although we do offer services to do this very thing, the power behind DriveWorks is that it enables you to build your automation yourself very easily.
How does this compare with DriveWorksXpress in SOLIDWORKS?
DriveWorksXpress is included in every level of SOLIDWORKS and includes entry-level functionality to get you started with design automation. It uses the same engine as DriveWorks and can help you create simple parts and drawings with simple controls. However, for real-world automation projects you’ll likely need to consider Solo or Professional.


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