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Design to Manufacturing for Industrial Equipment & Machinery

Large machines, equipment and vehicles that extract, harvest or handle other products are critical infrastructure for big businesses. These types of equipment help shape our world and are used in many different sectors, such as mining, manufacturing, energy, construction and automotive.

Today, many industrial equipment manufacturers are adopting three key trends:

  1. Shatter the Limitations of Traditional Manufacturing: Embrace 3D printing to enable more part design complexity and unlock a world of customizations.
  2. Proactively Identify Issues: Leverage digital twins to mirror manufacturing floors in a virtual space to predict issues before they wreak havoc.
  3. Securely Vault Massive Data Sets: Leverage cloud computing to securely store large data sets — a critical need for complex industrial machine designs.
solidworks computer aided design industrial equipment cad model

Partner with Our Experts for Your Engineering Process

Increase Uptime of Equipment & Reduce Time on the Line

Achieve the best uptime and shortest production time with comprehensive, nationwide engineering support to optimize your workflow and keep costs down.

Design, Test & Create Complex Machines

Expedite your design, testing and customization of complex machinery while meeting regulatory compliance standards using advanced hardware, software and services.

Speed Up Production without Sacrificing Customization or Quality

Accelerate your processes by doing design, analysis and electrical concurrently rather than serially and automate time-consuming, repetitive work.
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General Pattern – Reducing Process Time by 133%

With the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer at the helm, General Pattern can churn out up to 2,000 parts a week – taking a workflow that used to take ten days down to under 48 hours.

Our Customers in Industrial Equipment

Manufacturing Solutions for Industrial Equipment & Machinery

At Hawk Ridge Systems, we provide our customers with two manufacturing options: 1) purchasing world-class solutions for your in-house manufacturing team or 2) partnering with our experienced manufacturing partner, A3D Manufacturing, to help you outsource production needs.

A3D Manufacturing is an excellent choice for companies without in-house manufacturing teams. The company is ISO 9001 certified and offers a range of additive manufacturing (3D printing) techniques, rapid prototyping options, injection molding, cast urethane, CNC machining and post-processing services.

formlabs 3d printer
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of manufacturing software do industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers use?
SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD are two of the top manufacturing software used by industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers. SOLIDWORKS outshines AutoCAD because of its 3D parametric modeling capabilities, which are better suited for complex assemblies that industrial machine designers often manage.
Why do industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers need data management software?
Industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers create a ton of data that can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to manage without a good product data management system. For industrial and machinery manufacturers, it comes down to traceability for compliance with regulatory agencies. Automating much of this work keeps an air-tight audit trail and keeps things going smoothly.
Which 3D printer do most industrial equipment manufacturers use?
It varies from company to company and will depend on what types of materials you want to use and what types of parts or prototypes you want to create. Some of the big players in the additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) market are Markforged, HP and Formlabs, to name a few.
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