HP 3D printer systems can transform your additive manufacturing operation by allowing you to achieve highly detailed parts with unmatched quality and printing speed.


Production 3D Printing at its Finest

HP printing systems can transform your additive manufacturing operation by providing highly detailed, strong parts at incredible speeds. Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) is heavily used among service bureaus for mass prototype production and manufacturers of end-use parts. MJF is a powder-based printing process that uses agents and heat to fuse layers together creating near isotropic strength properties. These systems also give you the ability to fully utilize the build volume of the machine through nesting in 3D. This allows for stacking of parts and maximizing the build potential with each run. The HP 3D printing process also lends itself to heavy automation with automated unpacking systems and automated bead blast systems readily available. This automation potential makes it feasible for you to run lights out and non-stop with minimal human labor input.

Coming Soon: HP Metal Jet 3D Printer

HP will soon bring its unmatched 3D printing speed and technology to the metal 3D printing space. The HP Metal Jet will leverage and build upon the Multi-Jet Fusion’s workflows and technology so that you will be able to create quality, functional metal parts quickly and at costs lower than many traditional metal 3D printing technologies.

hp 3d services


Our highly qualified and certified 3D Printer Technicians will handle your post sales experience with speed and efficiency, including pre-installation site planning and full installation of your 3D printer system.



Our experience Applications Engineers will give you complete training on how to run and maintain your HP printer system effectively.

hp 3d training training


Our additive team is here for you when you run into those situations that you just need to bounce an idea off someone, whether it be how to build the strongest, best-looking, or fastest part. Our Applications Engineering team has the experience to help.

hp 3d support


Why should I buy an HP machine through Hawk Ridge Systems? 
Hawk Ridge Systems has dedicated engineers who operate, install, and service these systems every day. We know the in-depth tips and tricks to truly get the most out of these machines and we help our customers do the same.
What post-processing is required for HP Multi-Jet Fusion?
Unpacking the build and bead blasting parts are the two required post-processing steps with MJF.
How safe are HP 3D printing systems?
Both the equipment and materials being printed are safe to handle with little to no PPE. At Hawk Ridge, we operate our systems without any PPE unless we are unpacking a build that is hot, then we use heat-resistant gloves.
How easy are HP systems to use?
HP systems are very forgiving, especially when it comes to print orientation. There are very few design rules to follow, making it versatile for parts of all shapes and sizes from tiny details <.5mm all the way to large pieces that fill most of the build volume.
How does HP Multi-Jet Fusion compare to FDM or SLA printing technology?
HP Multi-Jet Fusion typically provides much higher quality looking and feeling parts compared to FDM and typically has much better strength and durability compared to SLA. There is no competition on the print speed of FDM or SLA compared to HP.
I am looking to replace injection molded parts with 3D printed parts. Is HP a good fit?
HP part quality is such that it is very difficult for most people to tell that it is printed. The surface texture on a raw part is typically rougher than injection molding, but this can be solved through vapor smoothing parts or by adding a coating such as paint or clear coat. The part cost and print speed of the systems can keep up with injection molding for low to mid-volume quantities in many cases.
What facility requirements do I need to install an HP system?
Power, space, and compressed air are the main considerations for an HP system. Ventilation from the machine is optional depending on your working environment. Reach out to the Hawk Ridge team for a Site Preparation Guide to learn more.

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