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CAMWorks, which integrates with SOLIDWORKS, features advanced automation tools to get products to market more efficiently than traditional operation-based CAM software. It’s also the only CAM system that is 100% compatible with SOLIDWORKS and physically puts the CAM on the 3D CAD model, enabling you to program your CNC machines in the familiar, intuitive SOLIDWORKS environment. 

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Powerful CNC Machine Tool Programming Inside SOLIDWORKS

No matter your industry – from job shops to medical to aerospace – CAMWorks provides the ideal path for converting your 3D CAD solid models into CNC machined parts. Utilizing a single part file and sharing a common interface with SOLIDWORKS ensures 100% of your design intent and part details are always available for CNC programming. Full associativity between CAD data and tool path allows for rapid iteration.

Do you often have part design changes after programming? Not a problem – associativity with SOLIDWORKS means that design changes initiate automatic toolpath updates, eliminating rework. Need to reduce programming time? CAMWorks provides the latest feature recognition technology and automatic feature recognition—with or without Model Based Definition and tolerance-based-machining—to speed up part programming. It leverages rules-based tool machining allowing you to record, reuse, and standardize your programming techniques throughout your company. Ultra-high efficiency programming for both mills and lathes reduce cycle times at the machine.

Rules-Based Machining
Tolerance-Based Machining (TBM)
Knowledge-Based Machining (KMB)
Associativity with SOLIDWORKS CAD
Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR)
Automate Machine Times
3+2 Indexing
High-Speed Machining
Turning Capabilities
Sub-Spindle Programming
Two Turret Support
Rotary Milling
Advanced 3 Axis Tools and Capabilities
3 Axis Undercutting with Standard and Custom Tools
Synchronized Machining
Virtual Machine Standard
4 & 5 Axis Simultaneous Milling
3 Axis VoluMill
Virtual Machine Professional
Virtual Machine Premium
Wire EDM Pro
CAMWorks Utilities


They say you cannot train experience. Therefore, we make sure that our team of Applications Engineers are not only experts with CAMWorks software but also experienced machinists with more combined experience than any other CAMWorks provider. We understand the challenges of producing high-quality machined components and want to share our knowledge with your team to increase your productivity and reduce the time-to-market for your parts.

  • We worked with a company that produced highly sought-after blower rotors. They had been outsourcing their manufacturing for decades, but now their future was in jeopardy – the manufacturer they used had been using manual machines and was going out of business. We worked with them to implement CAMWorks and capture their design, modernize, and re-produce their trademarked products in-house – saving their company.
  • Another company chose to partner with us in order to lean on our vast manufacturing portfolio and experience. We customized their post processors and re-trained them in CAMWorks. We also introduced them to High-Efficiency Machining with CAMWorks VoluMill, which reduced their cutting time on a production part by 65% while increasing tool life.
  • A well-known machine dealer approached us on a turn-key solution for a potential job with one of our mutual customers. We worked with the machine dealer and brought in CNC machines, tooling, programming, additional training and custom-developed post processors to get this production job to our customer.
camworks services


A successful CAM implementation starts with a rock-solid post processor. The Hawk Ridge Systems post processor team leverages over 40 years of experience in CAMWorks post processor development to provide clean g-code and safe post processors quickly. Ask how our Flight Plan implementation services can get your team up to speed quickly.



With the largest team of Certified CAM trainers in North America, Hawk Ridge Systems offers training solutions ranging from self-paced SolidProfessor content to structured instructor-led sessions and on-site CAM consulting, to ensure your success.

camworks training


Our team of Certified CAMWorks support engineers is the largest in the world and available 12 hours a day to handle your support needs quickly and efficiently. Our interactive approach to problem solving will get you back on track if programming issues arise.

camworks support


Are there any special hardware requirements for CAMWorks?
No, the hardware requirements are the same as those for SOLIDWORKS.
Will CAMWorks work for my CNC machine?
A post processor is needed, which translates the CAM data into NC code that your machine controller can read. CAMWorks comes with standard post processors, Hawk Ridge Systems has free post processors available for download, and additional post processors can be purchased and supported through Hawk Ridge Systems.
What file types can I program?
If the file type can be brought into SOLIDWORKS as solid bodies or surfaces, it can be programmed with CAMWorks.
What license types are available for CAMWorks?
There are three ways to purchase CAMWorks licenses:
  • A hardware dongle, which is a USB device that plugs directly into a computer.
  • A standalone locked node locked, which is a single software type license that is linked to a client computer’s MAC address.
  • A floating network license, which is 1 or more seats of the software that are licensed to the MAC address of a server. The client computers check out the license to use it and return it when they are completed; enabling multiple computers to utilize the license – floating it back and forth.
Is CAMWorks easy to learn?
Yes. CAMWorks is designed to be easy to learn and comes with self-paced tutorials. Hawk Ridge system offers additional training classes, webinars, and blogs for learning resources. We also offer SolidProfessor on-demand training content so you can view training materials whenever and wherever is convenient for you.


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