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CAMWorks streamlines product-to-market processes with advanced automation tools, uniquely compatible, enabling CNC programming within SOLIDWORKS.
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Powerful CNC Machine Tool Programming Inside SOLIDWORKS

CAMWorks offers a seamless process for converting 3D CAD models into CNC parts, ensuring design accuracy across industries by leveraging SOLIDWORKS integration and full associativity, enabling rapid iterations and updates.

With CAMWorks, design changes are effortlessly managed through SOLIDWORKS associativity, triggering automatic toolpath updates and eliminating rework. Additionally, CAMWorks accelerates programming with advanced feature recognition technology and rules-based machining, allowing for efficient part programming and standardized techniques, ultimately reducing cycle times for both milling and lathe operations.

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CAMWorks Standard
CAMWorks Premium
  • Rules-Based Machining

    SOLIDWORKS CAM allows you to focus on critical areas of making your parts by using rules-based machining to improve the programming process while leveraging the tolerances that are assigned to components.

  • Tolerance-Based Machining (TBM)

    TBM automatically creates CAM machine programs by using tolerances and annotations in 3D models and automatically adjusting asymmetric tolerances to mean tolerances for cutting tool strategies.

  • Knowledge-Based Machining (KMB)

    KBM defines strategies and tools to best machine your part geometries once features are identified through feature recognition. This allows you to easily and automatically define repeatable machining processes to meet your company’s standards.

  • Associativity with SOLIDWORKS CAD

    Changes made to a part design in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD are automatically updated, applied, and reflected in CAMWorks.

  • Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR)

    Automatic Feature Recognition can recognize certain geometry types not only as CAD features – including holes, pockets, bosses, and turn (Professional only). It can identify prismatic parts at a feature level based on machinable shapes.

  • Automate Machine Times
    Easily automate calculations for machine time and compare that to traditional methods to ensure that all aspects of your part are accounted for before you commit to production.
  • 3+2 Indexing

    3+2 indexing is a technique where a 2.5 Axis Premium milling program is executed with the cutting tool locked in a tilted position in order to use the five-axis machine's two rotational axes.

  • High-Speed Machining

    Use 2.5 axis high-speed machining along with VoluMill technology to ensure a constant tool pressure through the entire cutting process. This technology uses a variable feed rate that allows the tool to cut at full depth. Shorten your cycle times, lower overhead costs, and extend machine and tool life.

  • Turning Capabilities

    Take advantage of turning functionality including:

    • face rough and finish
    • rough and finish turn
    • groove rough and finish
    • rough and finish bore
    • cut-off
    • ID and OD threading
    • drill
    • tap on center
  • Sub-Spindle Programming

    Use lathes with 2 spindles, including the ability to pass parts from the main spindle to sub-spindle and to create toolpaths for sub-spindle operations.s.

  • Two Turret Support

    Get support for lathes that have 2 turrets, gaining the ability to program for turning operations on both front and rear turrets.

  • Rotary Milling

    Cut wrapped features that are defined from cylindrical faces or edges where the axis of the faces/edges is coincident with the 4th axis or turn axis (in a Mill-Turn environment).

  • Advanced 3 Axis Tools and Capabilities

    Advanced capabilities for Roughing and Finishing include:

    • Area clearance
    • Pattern project
    • Z level
    • Constant stepover
    • Pencil mill
    • 3 axis rough and finish cutting cycles
    • Curve project
    • Flat area
    • Rest machining support for all 3 Axis cycles
  • 3 Axis Undercutting with Standard and Custom Tools

    Machine areas that are recessed with finished material protruding above them.

  • Mill-Turn

    Gain capabilities for milling and drilling operations on the OD and Face of your parts.

  • Synchronized Machining

    Utilize the Sync Manager to synchronize two turrets in a mill-turn or turning environment. Sync Manager supports up to two channels and does not support the simulation of Swiss Screw style machine movement.

  • Virtual Machine Standard

    Simulate full machine movement by using C/L data for advanced collision detection and machine travel verification. This includes multiple spindle and turret machines.

  • 4 & 5 Axis Simultaneous Milling

    Gain support for 4 and 5 axis simultaneous complex machining. Use machines of varying configurations, including table-table, head-head, or head-table.

Additional Modules

CAMWorks ShopFloor

Provides machinists with instant access to 3D CAD models and machining instructions at the machine, optimizing production workflows and collaboration.


Optimizes sheet metal and flat stock layouts within SOLIDWORKS, streamlining CNC cutting operations for increased efficiency and profitability.

Wire EDM

Simplifies programming and simulation of wire EDM operations. It offers precise tool path creation, optimized cutting conditions, and seamless workflow transitions

Virtual Machine Standard

Realistic CNC machining simulations within SOLIDWORKS, enabling users to validate tool paths and optimize setups before production.

Milling Professional

Optimizes milling operations with efficient toolpath generation, simulation, and cutting condition optimization, enhancing productivity and precision.

Turning Professional

Optimizes turning operations within SOLIDWORKS, enhancing efficiency and precision with advanced toolpath generation and simulation capabilities.

Pushing the Limits On and Off the Track: RPG Customer Story

RPG Offroad is an automotive company pushing the envelope in vehicle manufacturing by leveraging cutting-edge technology like SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks. Corey Kausch and the team transitioned from outsourcing expensive machining work to bringing production in-house.

Today, the team has drastically reduced time and costs, streamlined processes with rapid design modifications and maximized tool life for years to come using CAMWorks VoluMill.

Engineering Success Together

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of your CAM solutions portfolio?

One great benefit of our CAM solutions portfolio is the flexibility it offers programmers in selecting the right level for their machining needs. Whether you’re just starting out with entry-level machining using SOLIDWORKS CAM or require more advanced capabilities like 3D to 5-axis machining with CAMWorks, we have the perfect solutions to match your requirements.

Are there any special hardware requirements for CAMWorks?

No, the hardware requirements are the same as those for SOLIDWORKS.

Will CAMWorks work for my CNC machine?

A post processor is needed, which translates the CAM data into NC code that your machine controller can read. CAMWorks comes with standard post processors, Hawk Ridge Systems has free post processors available for download, and additional post processors can be purchased and supported through Hawk Ridge Systems.

What file types can I program?

If the file type can be brought into SOLIDWORKS as solid bodies or surfaces, it can be programmed with CAMWorks.

What license types are available for CAMWorks?

There are three ways to purchase CAMWorks licenses:

  • A hardware dongle, which is a USB device that plugs directly into a computer.
  • A standalone locked node locked, which is a single software type license that is linked to a client computer’s MAC address.
  • A floating network license, which is 1 or more seats of the software that are licensed to the MAC address of a server. The client computers check out the license to use it and return it when they are completed; enabling multiple computers to utilize the license – floating it back and forth.
Is CAMWorks easy to learn?

Yes. CAMWorks is designed to be easy to learn and comes with self-paced tutorials. Hawk Ridge system offers additional training classes, webinars, and blogs for learning resources. We also offer SolidProfessor on-demand training content so you can view training materials whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

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