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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is powerful, intuitive, and easy to learn, as evidenced by the enormous user base around the world of designers, engineers, students, academics, and hobbyists.

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Intuitive and Powerful Product Design With SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

SOLIDWORKS is one of the most robust and widely used CAD packages available today. Intuitive workflows allow you to design and document your products quickly and efficiently, and a wide and robust toolset allows you to use the right tool for the job. Create parts and assemblies, and use specialized tools for weldments, sheet metal, plastic molded parts, pipe routing, and many more.

SOLIDWORKS uses parametric design, meaning that underlying intelligence drives your design and makes changes easy. It is associative so that changes made to parts and assemblies automatically update in drawings and other places the component is used.

3D Modeling for Parts and Assemblies
Synced 2D Drawings
Search, Automation, and Configuration Tools
Share and Collaborate Designs
Collision and Interference Detection
Simulation Analysis Tools
3D Interconnect for CAD File Import and Export
ECAD/MCAD Connection
Design Checker
eDrawings® Professional
Tolerance Analysis
Photorealistic Rendering
Data & File Management
Reverse Engineering
Time-Based Motion Analysis
Linear Static Analysis
Routing: Pipes, Tubes, Electrical Cables, Wiring Harnesses
Surface Flattening Functionality
CATIA V5 Import


At Hawk Ridge, we have one of the largest SOLIDWORKS technical teams in North America and have helped thousands of customers take their first steps into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. A few examples include:

  • We helped a major industrial machinery manufacturer convert from another 3D CAD system, helping to plan the conversion of files and migration of prior data, user training, and adapting the software to the customer’s specific practices.
  • We helped a medical device manufacturer adopt SOLIDWORKS as a design platform, and then quickly integrate a PDM system, analysis tools, and electrical design within the same platform. This streamlined several disparate processes and helped align design operations in one system.
  • We worked with a manufacturer of architectural components to move from AutoCAD 2D to SOLIDWORKS. We helped recreate important 2D files in SOLIDWORKS 3D, and retrained users to apply their 2D design skills in a 3D environment. The company saw a significant decrease in design and manufacturing errors working in 3D.
solidworks 3d cad softwaresolidworks 3d cad software
solidworks services


Your CAD system is one of the key platforms for your business and keeping it running is a major business priority. We can provide implementation and upgrade services to efficiently project-manage the implementation of a new version of SOLIDWORKS. Our dedicated services team can also help with other projects, such as automating parts of your design process or implementing valuable tools like the Design Checker or Costing.

solidworks training


As one of the largest SOLIDWORKS training providers in the world, we provide a full suite of training offerings. Our instructor-led classroom and online training provides detailed and personalized instruction from SOLIDWORKS experts, and our supplementary on-demand training from SolidProfessor helps with retaining knowledge and ongoing skill-building.



Our best-in-class technical support provides troubleshooting advice for any issues you have with your SOLIDWORKS usage. Our team has a mix of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and computing specialists to be able to help with any SOLIDWORKS challenge. For deeper review of a particular concept, we can schedule a customized Ask-an-Expert session.

solidworks support


Whether you are looking for on-demand training, access to the latest software releases, exclusive resources and offers, or just needing expert support – there's a subscription option for you.

solidworks subscription


What version of SOLIDWORKS do I need?
There are three levels of SOLIDWORKS available – Standard, Professional and Premium. Check out the feature matrix on this page for more information on what is available in each level. Our team is also happy to review your design needs and help guide you to the best version for your business.
How do I buy SOLIDWORKS?
SOLIDWORKS has a wide range of purchase options that should meet all needs. It is available as both a perpetual license, with an annual subscription cost, and as a term license with 1-year or 1-quarter terms. We’re always happy to help you evaluate the best purchase solution for your business.
How is SOLIDWORKS licensed?
SOLIDWORKS is available as standalone licenses, which are activated on a specific computer, and can be moved by the user. Alternatively, a shared network license can be purchased at a small additional cost, allowing licenses to be shared among team members on a network. This is often the ideal solution for larger teams.
How difficult is it to learn SOLIDWORKS?
SOLIDWORKS has been designed to be the most intuitive 3D CAD package on the market. While it is a very powerful tool, most users pick up the software quickly, and with multiple modes of training available from Hawk Ridge Systems, new user ramp-up time can be shortened even further.
Will I be able to find employees that know SOLIDWORKS?
SOLIDWORKS is the most popular professional 3D CAD software in the market and is taught at a majority of major universities and vocational training schools worldwide. With an enormous community of users, you should be able to easily find skilled employees with experience using the software.
What file types can SOLIDWORKS read in? What file types can it produce?
SOLIDWORKS reads in all major neutral 3D file formats – STEP, IGES, Parasolid, ACIS. It will read 2D and 3D files from AutoCAD (DWG, DXF) and native files from most other 3D CAD systems (Creo, Inventor, NX, SolidEdge, Rhino). CATIA V5 files can also be opened with SOLIDWORKS Premium.

For output, SOLIDWORKS can save PDF and DWG/DXF 2D files and all major neutral formats (STEP, IGES, Parasolid, ACIS) of 3D outputs.

There are many other options and file types are always being added to this list; contact us if there’s a specific file type you’re interested in.
Does SOLIDWORKS include FEA or CFD simulation?
Every license of SOLIDWORKS includes simple FEA and CFD tools to provide basic information about the performance and strength of your design. For robust simulations, SOLIDWORKS Simulation for static analysis is part of SOLIDWORKS Premium, and more advanced FEA simulation or CFD analysis tools are available as additional modules..


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