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June 25, 2014

You spend your days in front of your computer, designing diligently in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. You take every measure to effectively visualize and communicate your 3D concept. Have you ever asked yourself, “What can I do to improve my SOLIDWORKS productivity?”  The most productive SOLIDWORKS users operate in a near-optimal environment that permits them to create the best products possible through multiple design iterations. But many SOLIDWORKS users may be shortchanging their investment with a less-than-ideal computing environment. 

Fortunately for you, starting in 2011, SOLIDWORKS came equipped with a performance test. Not only can you test your system, you can also compare your score with other users and share it on the Share Your Score site. You are quickly provided with tangible metrics which allow you to easily determine how fast your computer is compared to others. The performance test represents the I/O well and is geared toward CPU performance.

Now that you have made the decision to test your machine, let’s talk about how to access the performance test. The test can be started from the Windows start menu / SOLIDWORKS <version> / SOLIDWORKS Performance Test. Or it can also be started in the Add-In tab for SOLIDWORKS Rx.

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In addition, please note:

- The test has three areas; CPU, I/O, and Graphics. Each step of the test (described below) is meant to exercise a specific area of the computer using SOLIDWORKS.

- Out of the box, standard settings are used to insure consistent settings are used to run the tests.

- The general tasks for the all datasets are as follows. The areas test are listed in [] after the test step:

  • Open the file [I/O]
  • Force a rebuild [CPU]
  • Rotate and zoom [Graphics]
  • Open drawing [I/O w/Multi-Threading]
  • Rotate and zoom [Graphics]
  • Add sheet [CPU] & [Graphics]
  • Add view [CPU] & [Graphics]
  • Render (parts only) [CPU w/Multi-Threading]

- Results for the performance test are stored in the My Documents SW Log Files directory. The files start with SWPTResults1.txt and new tests have a new filename (SWPTResults2.txt, SWPTResults3.txt, …).

I encourage you to run the SOLIDWORKS Performance Test on your hardware to determine if your machine is slowing you down. If you find that purchasing new hardware will increase your productivity, then take a look at the HP balanced and optimized hardware configurations and accelerate your SOLIDWORKS workflows. The configurations are designed to put resources where they will have the most impact, giving you a balanced solution that most effectively powers your mission – critical SOLIDWORKS work.

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June 25, 2014
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