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Future Proofing Your Workforce with SOLIDWORKS

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How future-proof is your engineering workforce and manufacturing business? Amidst the rapid pace of change due to exponential leaps in technology, it’s not easy to envision what “future-proof” even means. How can you be ready for a future that is increasingly tough to envision? Well, the very existence of unpredictable changes makes it even more imperative for modern engineering and manufacturing companies to become future-oriented.

Here’s the catch – it’s no longer only about structured or strategic planning. To prepare your operations and outcomes for what could happen tomorrow, you should find a way to perform or operate as if everything is – and will continue to be – in a state of flux. This is where SOLIDWORKS comes into play.

SOLIDWORKS has been the industry-leading CAD tool for over 25 years! This industry-leading mechanical design software serves as the anchor point for a fully integrated design-to-manufacturing ecosystem – including design, validation, data management, technical communication, and manufacturing, all of which can be cloud-connected for data storage and collaboration.

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As a pioneer of engineering success, here at Hawk Ridge Systems we have been providing the best design to manufacturing solutions since 1996. Our robust software and 3D printing solutions are aimed at empowering today’s innovators to stand out. In this blog, we will help you understand how SOLIDWORKS can revolutionize your engineering and manufacturing processes and prepare your workforce for the future.

How Can You Streamline Your Workforce with SOLIDWORKS?

SOLIDWORKS should top your priority list if you are looking to stay ahead of the curve. The unmatched functionality and unparalleled usability of SOLIDWORKS can bring your innovative ideas to life by transforming your visions into world-class designs and products. Have a look –

1. Streamlined Design Process

One of the biggest reasons why most of the engineers, designers and hobbyists prefer SOLIDWORKS over other CAD tools is due to its ability to streamline design processes. Using underlying intelligence, it can easily drive your designs and bring ease in making changes in the future. Also, SOLIDWORKS is the easiest and fastest tool for designing virtually any product in 3D.

SOLIDWORKS uses parametric designs. Hence, when you change parts and assemblies, everything automatically gets updated in drawings and other places you use your component. Also, backed by the intuitive and collaborative edge of SOLIDWORKS, your workforce can create even the most complex 3D models with greater ease and efficiency.

2. Takes Efficiency to New Heights

SOLIDWORKS includes a number of tools that are specifically designed to eliminate repetitive tasks and boost the overall efficiency of your product design team. As a result, you can meet your deadlines fast, and take up more projects with confidence. It can also validate your product designs that include stress analysis, interference checks, and the like. This will help you reduce the chances of re-work and bring down the costs associated with prototyping.

SOLIDWORKS licenses with subscription services include data management tools that offer revision control and store your files safely. This will help your teams work more efficiently together, spending minimum time in searching for the right version of their files. SOLIDWORKS also comes with the option of storing and managing data locally or in the Cloud, which gives you better visibility, more agility, and an intuitive edge.

3. More Mobility, Greater Flexibility

Providing access to projects and designs from anywhere with internet connection, SOLIDWORKS will bring more flexibility to your workforce. Such a level of mobility is important in tomorrow’s fast-paced and increasingly-remote business environment as it enables teams to promptly respond to client needs, project updates and design changes. Whether working from home, on-the-go or in the office, SOLIDWORKS will make sure that your workforce is connected and working efficiently.

With SOLIDWORKS, you can get the flexibility to choose a license type that will work best for your specific needs: While the traditional SOLIDWORKS CAD has term, perpetual, network and standalone, the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS is limited to just term and named users.

4. Create/Edit/Share Designs Easily

As a highly intuitive software, SOLIDWORKS makes it easier to create and edit designs quickly. In addition, all the new SOLIDWORKS licenses include Share & Markup functionality through which you can promptly create a link to share your designs for feedback. Better yet, you don’t need to share your SOLIDWORKS access to those that you share your designs with.

SOLIDWORKS Share and Markup in action on a monitor

5. Easy to Learn and Use

SOLIDWORKS is known to be a highly user-friendly software that is easy to learn. Thanks to the intuitive workflows/user interface and an array of learning resources that it brings to the table, you can gain speed and efficiency in product design and development.

Additionally, SOLIDWORKS can streamline the entire product development process to accelerate time-to-market through a completely integrated suite of tools, both desktop and cloud-connected. This will ensure optimized workloads connected to unified operations and simplified management.

6. Collaborative Work Environment

In this day and age of remote work, the importance of global collaboration is paramount, and you need a robust tool to foster teamwork. SOLIDWORKS provides cloud-based solutions as well as collaborative features, which foster real-time work collaboration.

Such a collaborative environment can boost communication, minimize errors and empower better decision-making faster, making your workplace a lot more adaptable to the changing needs of today’s digital world.

7. Continuous Learning is Ensured

Future-proofing your workforce means investing in constant learning and development. With comprehensive training, certification programs and a vast community of users, SOLIDWORKS can support your future team development.

By equipping your workforce with the knowledge and skills required to harness SOLIDWORKS’ optimum potential, you can ensure that your team members stay current with the latest engineering and design trends.

8. Industry 4.0 Integration

The importance of integrating smart technologies has become paramount as almost every industry is progressing towards the fourth industrial revolution. By supporting and streamlining the development of smart products, SOLIDWORKS can align your workforce with this trend.

From digital twin creation to IoT integration, SOLIDWORKS develops the tools that are required to position your business to emerge on top in tomorrow’s increasingly data-driven and interconnected manufacturing landscape.

Future-Ready Means SOLIDWORKS Ready

SOLIDWORKS offers the fastest and easiest way to design virtually any product with its ease of use, productivity and specialized tools, and integrated design verification. Using this software, you can prepare your workforce for any future change, shock, or shift!

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace SOLIDWORKS to elevate your engineering flows. You can also contact us for more information.

Do you need to attract top talent and build better products? Download the Future Proofing Your Workforce whitepaper today.

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