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SOLIDWORKS PDM will improve your workflows and the way that you store and work with data with its tools for search, security, revision control, and automation. Never worry about version control or data loss again.

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Get Your Data Under Control with SOLIDWORKS PDM

SOLIDWORKS PDM is our core data management solution. With an extensive range of features, PDM can benefit everyone from a single user to an enterprise with hundreds of users.

Typical browsing to find files in a local or network folder can be cumbersome, and a Windows search on directories of any size can take a long time. Files stored in a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault have metadata or properties associated with them that can be used as search criteria. With SQL running on the backend, your search results are returned much quicker.

SOLIDWORKS PDM also offers granular permissions capabilities and a check-in, check-out process to ensure that you and your co-workers can take ownership of files when needed and data will never be overwritten. Its powerful workflows enforce standard processes, keeping everyone aware of statuses in real time, and allowing for your repetitive and manual processes to be automated.

File Management
Design Reuse
Revision Management & Control
Secure File Vaulting
Audit Trail
Integrated Search
eDrawings Preview
Engineering Change Management
Bill of Materials Management
Regulatory Compliance
Distributed Collaboration and Enterprise Scalability
Advanced Search and Favorites
Multi-Document Preview
Automated Neutral File Creation
Custom Configuration
Automated Data Import and Export
Serial Number Generators
Remote, Mobile Access
Automated Approval Process
Email Notifications


At Hawk Ridge, we are driven by the need to provide expert, personal support and services. We have helped thousands of customers implement data management solutions successfully so that they could be up and running effectively as fast as possible.

  • A large manufacturing company wanted their customers to be able to access information such as metadata, BOMs, and design previews from their website. We helped them set up their PDM vault and connect it to the cloud using our internally developed platform, PDM REST API, enabling them to allow users to securely access PDM Vault information from their website.
  • Another customer required information such as vendor and cost to be updated regularly from their SQL-based ERP solution into their CAD data, and then push BOM information from their CAD assemblies back to the ERP. Our team of PDM experts implemented SOLIDWORKS PDM along with our internally developed packages, Database Import and Database Export, to pull information directly from the ERP and push Bills of Materials back.
solidworks services


We offer a wide range of data management services including AutoPilot implementations to get you off the ground and running as fast as possible, as well as complete custom configured solutions adapted to fit your needs. Our dedicated Enterprise Services team will provide recommendations and workshops to make sure you are successful upon initial implementation, adding training on features and using PDM.

solidworks training


We offer training for both PDM users and admins. Our live, online courses give you the interactive and high-quality training that our clients expect from us without you needing to leave home! You will have access to the latest software so you don’t need access to your own license on your computer.



Our certified technical support team is here to help with software questions and troubleshooting, allowing you to stay productive. Personalized Ask-an-Expert sessions are also available to give you more comprehensive support for SOLIDWORKS PDM challenges or for a dive deep into specific topics and best practices.

solidworks support


Whether you are looking for on-demand training, access to the latest software releases, exclusive resources and offers, or just needing expert support – there's a subscription option for you.

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Can I store data other than SOLIDWORKS files in the vault?
Yes. Not only can you do it, but it’s recommended to store all associated files in your PDM vault.
What license types are available for SOLIDWORKS PDM?
There are 3 PDM license types: Viewer, Contributor, and Editor.
  • Viewer licenses provide basic read-only access to files in the vault.
  • Contributor licenses add the ability to work with and update the files and data in the vault.
  • The Editor license enables the CAD add-in to allow users to access the PDM Professional functionality from within the CAD application.
Do I have to have SOLIDWORKS installed to access the PDM vault?
No. It is very common for people who are not using SOLIDWORKS to still use PDM. One example would be assembly employees, who often would need to view assembly and part drawings in a PDF format but never access the actual CAD files. SOLIDWORKS users will benefit from the PDM add-in with Editor licenses giving them access to vault data and operations directly within the SOLIDWORKS interface.
Can SOLIDWORKS PDM integrate with other business software (ERP, MRP, CRM)?
Absolutely. There are several pre-built connectors available as well as an API for PDM Professional that can be used to develop anything you need.
Can you access and use PDM remotely? 
Yes. There are several ways to access PDM remotely: Remote Desktop, VPN, Web2, and we can even host the server components on the cloud.
What do I do with my existing data when I implement PDM?
There are several options here and we will work with you to determine what makes the most sense for your business and your wallet. In short, you generally have three options: you can draw a line in the sand, you can manually drag and drop files to add them to the vault, and lastly, we offer full migration services to ensure data integrity and correct metadata mapping.


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