Why You Should Invest in SOLIDWORKS Training and Certification

Why You Should Invest in SOLIDWORKS Training and Certification

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In today’s market, there is a high demand for skilled workers (especially in technical fields). This makes 3D CAD training more important than ever – because companies can’t afford to lose employees due to lack of training.

This is where continuing your education through SOLIDWORKS training and certifications can come into play.

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Reasons to Pursue Training and Certification

Oftentimes, designers and mechanical engineers overlook technical training, but we’re here to tell you it is a must for these reasons (to name a few):

  • Productivity improvement: The faster you become a pro with the software, the sooner you can complete your design projects – pretty straightforward. Not to mention that the more time you invest into your knowledge of the software, the easier you can move to more specialized applications like electrical design or data management, if that’s your end goal.
  • Greater efficiency: SOLIDWORKS has been around long enough to be a user-friendly, intuitive tool, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own set of best practices, tricks and shortcuts. Learning these tips and tricks inside out will help you create your best designs quickly and with minimal iterations.
  • Engagement and satisfaction boost: Everyone values learning and improvement. Taking training and becoming certified can help you become more proficient at your job and allow you to grow professionally.

Hopefully those reasons alone are enough to convince you of the value of SOLIDWORKS training and certifications. We’ve been around long enough to know, however, that the most common objections are cost and time required.

How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Training Cost?

Hawk Ridge Systems offers a wide range of training courses (not just in SOLIDWORKS) that you can explore. Whether you’re needing to cover the basics in a SOLIDWORKS Essentials type of course or you want to advance your skills in a more difficult area like Simulation, there’s a course option for you.

Oftentimes, your employer will cover the cost of your class but if not, they come with a pretty reasonable price tag considering the education you will receive. For example, our SOLIDWORKS Essentials course is $1,795 but you could take the SOLIDWORKS Simulation course for $1,500 or SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling for only $800.

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How Much of a Time Commitment is SOLIDWORKS Training?

The answer here depends on which kind of learning you prefer. If you’re more of a face-to-face kind of interactive learner and would ideally take an instructor-led class in person, you’d likely have a couple days of being in the classroom.

If you’re more of an online, do it at your own pace kind of learner, then the time commitment depends on you and your schedule.

Maybe you’re not really interested in taking a SOLIDWORKS class and that’s fine, we get it. But at the very least, you should consider becoming a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA). There are multiple degrees of SOLIDWORKS certificates you can achieve, but at a basic level you should look into CSWA or CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional). Learn more about the SOLIDWORKS certifications and which one might be right for you in our blog post, “Why You Should Take One of These 4 SOLIDWORKS Certifications.”

Becoming certified can help you stand out from other job applicants and show that you’re well-versed in the software and capable of efficient design practices.

How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Certification Cost?

SOLIDWORKS certification tests cost $99 USD. Not bad for potentially unlocking future jobs and promotions.

You may even want to check with your employer first, as sometimes they are given free test vouchers with their purchase of the SOLIDWORKS software.

To be fully confident in your knowledge during your SOLIDWORKS certification exam, you may want to consider taking our core SOLIDWORKS training courses to ensure you’ve covered everything you need to know before taking your exam.

While it may seem like a lot of time, money and energy to further your CAD software training or become certified, it all pays out in the long run with greater hiring and promotion potential. And who wouldn’t want to become a certified master in their field?

For more information on our SOLIDWORKS training courses or to pick the brains of our experts on which certification to take, contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems today. Thanks for reading and happy learning!

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