SOLIDWORKS EPDM 2015 – Our Favorite New Features

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New in
SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM 2015
is the Web2 client. This is exciting news for a lot of EPDM customers! EPDM
has always had a web client, but it only worked with Internet Explorer and had
some inherent limitations. Now with 2015, there is a new Web2 client that is based. Why is this so important? Because users who want to use
browsers like Chrome or Firefox can access the vault! Also, this means that
mobile users can access the vault as well. Just navigate to the server either
on the web, or through VPN and you can browse your EPDM vault, approve
documents, and view file statuses – all on your tablet or phone. What else
does this mean? This means Mac users can access the vault without using
Parallels or Bootcamp, and that IT overhead can be significantly reduced since
viewers who aren’t using SOLIDWORKS very often could simply access documents
through Web2 rather than through a client installed on their machines, which
means less local machine installations for IT!

EPDM 2015 - Web2

NOTE: As of this writing, Web2 is currently still in Beta and is scheduled for
release sometime near the release of EPDM 2015 SP2. Upon release, Web2 will
not be included in the downloaded media from the SOLIDWORKS website and must
be requested from your local reseller –
contact us
if  you need more information. Also note that this web interface is not
intended for every-day use by CAD users. The continued recommendation for CAD
users accessing the vault is to check-in and out via the “thick client”
(software installed on a local machine).

Office Integration

In EPDM 2014 SOLIDWORKS added an EPDM integration for Microsoft Office
documents. This brought some powerful document management capabilities, such
as being able to check out a document that you opened Read-Only and being able
to keep the changes you might have mistakenly made to your read-only copy. You
also gained the ability to view the data card and change state on the document
in the Office application, just like with SOLIDWORKS. But now in EPDM 2015,
the Microsoft Office add-in is no longer a separate installation, but is
integrated into the installation package for 2015.

EPDM 2015

Move Tree

EPDM has a powerful tool for making the most of you design data via the Copy
Tree command, which is similar to SOLIDWORKS’ Pack and Go, but is more
powerful and has added EPDM functionality. This allows users to reuse designs
and keep commonly used parts. However, if you’ve ever wanted to bundle up your
assembly and simply move it and all its children components from their
disparate locations in the vault, into one location, it was a more manual
process. But now in 2015, SOLIDWORKS added a Move Tree command to EPDM. This
means that users can move assemblies and related components to a new
directory, using an interface very similar to Copy Tree.

EPDM 2015

Version Tabs

Probably one of my favorite enhancements this year in 2015 is the addition of
the Version column information into Windows Explorer! Previously, if a user
wanted to look at which documents needed to be updated with the latest version
from the vault, the user would need to select each file and look at the
version tab. But now in 2015, users can see which version they have by
glancing at the version column which indicates whether a user has the latest
or an older version of the file in their local cache.

Enterprise PDM - Versions

User Interface Changes

And finally, there have been some improvements to the user interfaced design
for 2015. That means updated icons in the Admin tool as well as in the user
interface in Windows Explorer. Included in this change was an update to the
icons commonly used to indicate version information. The table below shows the
updated icons alongside the previous iteration of the icon.

Additional UI changes include an updated BOM, Reference dialog, and Copy Tree
dialog box format, featuring a table format that blends much better with
Windows 8 design language.

EPDM 2015

There are a myriad of other new features and enhancements not covered in this
article which we will detail in later posts. Be sure to check out the schedule
Webinar Wednesday for upcoming EPDM webinars, and keep an eye on this space for new articles,
tips, tricks, and info for
CAMWorks, and
3D printers.

Picture of Jordan Lemley

Jordan Lemley

Jordan Lemley has 5 years of experience implementing, supporting, and customizing SOLIDWORKS PDM for customers. He has provided PDM consulting services to customers across a wide variety of industries from small engineering shops looking to keep revisions under control to large global companies looking to standardize and improve their collaboration and engineering change process across their enterprise. So whether it’s tuning SQL Servers for optimal performance, advising companies on industry best-practices for change management, or performing complex data migrations, Jordan has seen it all.
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