Increased Flexibility with Managed PDM Cloud Infrastructure

managed cloud infrastructure
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January 24, 2022

Every day, it seems, we have more SOLIDWORKS PDM customers ask us about more flexible ways to manage their PDM environment than a traditional, physical server. Purchasing hardware is an inherently inflexible proposition and capital expenditure needs to meet future demand, meaning it will remain under-utilized for most of its life. Virtualization provides a more flexible allocation of resources but, somewhere, hardware underpins the entire infrastructure.  

To provide the most cost-effective and flexible solution for our customers, Hawk Ridge Systems has partnered with Jolera. Our solution leverages Microsoft Azure cloud to provide a scalable architecture for customer SOLIDWORKS PDM vaults, turning capital expenditures into operating expenses.  

Why Host Product Data in the Cloud? 

There are many benefits to hosting your PDM vault in the cloud:  

  • Flexible, scalable resource allocation allows you to use only what you need, when you need it.
  • You get a predictable monthly expense, paying only for what you use.
  • Microsoft Azure cloud always utilizes the most up-to-date hardware and software, including Windows and SQL.
  • Your data will always be stored on a secure, private tenant, not shared with other customers. 
  • With over 60 data centers in regions across the globe, your data is accessible from anywhere.

What’s Included with Managed Cloud Infrastructure? 

All managed cloud services involve several one-time services to ensure the infrastructure meets your company’s needs and gets you setup for success, as well as some fixed, ongoing monthly services.

One-time services include:

  • Planning 
  • Setup 
  • Testing 
  • Fixed monthly services include:
  • Managed IT 
  • Managed Tenant 
  • Managed Firewall (Optional) 
  • Variable Monthly Services 
  • Azure Resources 
  • Data Transfer

How Do I Get Started? 

The Hawk Ridge Systems team will provide a questionnaire to gather important data regarding your existing resources and requirements. Once we receive that back, we schedule a call with one of our cloud architects and your team to review findings and answer any questions. 

Jolera then builds a detailed Statement of Work providing the roadmap to deployment, the costs to set it up, and an estimate of the Azure resources required for your tenant based on your input. 

Finally, Hawk Ridge Systems provides a detailed quote of the total services required and reviews the project plan with you. 

Who Is Jolera? 

Jolera, a Toronto based Hybrid Aggregate Service Provider (HASP), is our partner for full service managed cloud and IT services. Jolera’s solutions include:

  • Support IT: 24/7/365 multi-lingual service desk and global online support. 
  • Manage IT: Comprehensive management and administration of critical systems. 
  • Monitor IT: 24/7/365 monitoring and real-time reporting of critical systems. 
  • Secure IT: Extensive portfolio of vital cyber-security solutions. 
  • Consult IT: Expert consulting for the design and deployment of technology solutions. 
  • Store IT: Powerful data protection for your entire enterprise. 
  • Virtualize IT: Highly available, secure, and cost-effective cloud solutions.

To learn more about our Cloud Services, join us on January 27th for a webinar or contact our team anytime. 

Did you miss the live webinar? You can watch the recording now to learn more.

January 24, 2022
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