SOLIDWORKS PDM – Managing Legacy Data

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Do you have legacy CAD data lying around on your network drives, servers and even local desktops? How do you manage importing that legacy data from Windows Folders into PDM as well as make sure the revisions match with the PDM revision? In this webinar recording, we will discuss general strategies for importing legacy data, how to map existing revisions using the Set Revision feature in SOLIDWORKS PDM, as well as other important tips and tricks for managing legacy data in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

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Jake Howard

Jake Howard is a PDM Specialist at Hawk Ridge Systems. He has a B.S. in Business Information Systems from Oregon State University, and has Professional-level certifications for SOLIDWORKS PDM. He has a passion for creating, and in his spare time, he enjoys programming and video game development, as well as many outdoor activities, such as camping and competitive sports.
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