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Design From Any Device: Introducing SOLIDWORKS Cloud CAD

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Exploring cutting-edge technology is always exciting, and you can peer into the future of CAD tools like SOLIDWORKS by checking out the SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer.

This collection of next-generation CAD applications, developed by the same team that is responsible for the development of desktop SOLIDWORKS, allow you to take a step into a design future where you’re not chained to the desktop computer in your office – design from anywhere, on any device, and always have your data at your fingertips.

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Features

The design tools provided by the SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer are different from the desktop SOLIDWORKS that you may be familiar with, but they’ve been redesigned from the ground up. Built on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, all these CAD tools run natively within a web browser, take advantage of modern computing technology, and leverage the power of the cloud to enhance performance and give you access to your data anywhere.

The CAD tools in the SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer are built on a brand-new modern kernel, so you can say goodbye to the performance challenges of traditional CAD modeling kernels. With all operations taking place in the browser, now it doesn’t matter what hardware platform you’re running on (yes, you can use these tools on a Mac), and you can leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to help predict what you’re trying to do before you even do it!

SOLIDWORKS Cloud CAD offering features

The SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer includes:

  • 3D Creator – for mechanical design
  • 3D Sculptor – for natural creation of organic shapes using subdivision modeling
  • 3D SheetMetal Creator – for creating sheetmetal components
  • 3D Structure Creator – for laying out structural steel weldments
  • 3D Render – for creating realistic renderings of your models (render credits required)
  • Product Document Creator – for creating robust annotated 3D views to document your designs
  • Native data management – for storage, revision, and management of your designs natively within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Watch Webinar Now

For a more detailed look into the new SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer, check out our webinar!

For more information on 3DEXPERIENCE or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems today. Thanks for reading!

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Glenn Whyte

Glenn Whyte is the Director of Technical Sales at Hawk Ridge Systems. He is involved in the implementation and support of SolidWorks Simulation tools for mechanical, thermal, and fluid flow analysis, serving HRS customers up and down the West Coast.
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