Better Manage Your Projects, Processes and BOMs with SOLIDWORKS Manage

Better Manage Your Projects, Processes and BOMs with SOLIDWORKS Manage

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You wouldn’t want to make uniformed decisions about your business.

What if we told you it’s not just about accessing the right information at the right time, but that your methods of collecting data from different sources is critical to sound decision making? Let SOLIDWORKS Manage bring your distributed operational efforts together so you can make informed decisions – faster.

Explore how SOLIDWORKS Manage integrates with SOLIDWORKS PDM and enhances its capabilities including:

  • An advanced workflow engine for more flexibility, automation and efficient engineering change management.
  • Interactive dashboards that let you make informed decisions easily by providing key information at a glance.
  • Creating more accurate bills of materials with versatile objects and records.
  • Fully featured project management tools with task assignment and timesheets connected to your design data.

SOLIDWORKS Manage: Merge Your Operational Efforts

Have questions about SOLIDWORKS Manage? Please contact us and we will point you in the right direction, or if you need pricing or upgrade options, get SOLIDWORKS Manage Pricing today.  Thanks for reading!

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Jake Howard

Jake Howard is a PDM Specialist at Hawk Ridge Systems. He has a B.S. in Business Information Systems from Oregon State University, and has Professional-level certifications for SOLIDWORKS PDM. He has a passion for creating, and in his spare time, he enjoys programming and video game development, as well as many outdoor activities, such as camping and competitive sports.
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