Wrapping Text Onto A Conical Face in SOLIDWORKS

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October 30, 2015

Text wrapping is a fairly simple tool to use within SOLIDWORKS part modeling when you are applying a wrap to a flat face or around a cylinder, but when you run into a part with a changing radius and a rounded face, the wrap feature becomes a little more complex.  For this example, we will wrap text onto a conical feature.

In order to create  this text wrap, we must first create some construction geometry that is relative to the dimensions of the cone.  By identifying the point where the axis of the cone and the plane of the cone intersect, we can use this point to further create a half circle on our sketch plane.  So lets go ahead and define this point.


Now create a plane tangent to the face of the cylinder; this plane will be used to add the text and text curvature.  You will see that the distance of where the text is placed is going to be the radius of the half circle we create in the next step.  In this example, the text is located 4.7 inches down from the top of the conical section, so go ahead and create a half circle arc with a radius equal to the distance you want the text to be relative to the tip of the cone.


Now all of our construction lines are in place, insert the sketched text and click the arc to create the correct geometry for the text to be wrapped.  Make sure that the text inserted is on the same plane you created but inserted as a different sketch than the construction lines you have created.


Click the wrap feature, choose the sketch of the text you are wrapping and the face of the cylinder and you are all done!


October 30, 2015
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