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Why the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer Gives You the Online CAD You’ve Been Looking For

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The pandemic has forced companies to look at more flexible software and licensing offerings to help enable their teams on executing their goals. At the same time, many are trying to reduce overhead costs. Collaboration, not just across teams and departments, but also across physical regions, has become a necessity in today’s workforce. Labor costs are rising, and IT overhead can become a challenge for all companies. 

What is the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer? 

From 3D and organic shape modeling to sheet metal design, SOLIDWORKS Cloud can help alleviate some of these concerns by offering easy and flexible deployment of design and collaboration solutions.  With minimal IT infrastructure required, these tools can be deployed to remote teams across the country quickly and efficiently, reducing the downtime engineers face with typical desktop installations. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform deploys real time collaboration across teams and department to ensure everybody is looking at the same data, the same source of truth. No need to save files to folders or send them through unsecure sources. This workflow reduces errors in the design process and protects your company’s intellectual property. 

The SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers a set of tools for both startups and growing companies that are looking for flexible design solutions to be used anywhere. With the ability to be used in the cloud, these tools enable creativity to happen when and wherever it strikes. SOLIDWORKS Cloud is intended for the first step in the design process, bringing ideas to concept; they are not geared toward design-to-manufacture. 

Learn More about SOLIDWORKS Cloud and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform 

Join us on January 20, 2022 to explore and learn how this offer, the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform, and these tools can help you achieve your 3D design goals or if it’s the right fit for you. You can also contact our team at Hawk Ridge Systems any time to learn more about cloud-based design solutions. 

Miss the live webinar? Check out the recording any time.

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