Road to Validation with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Road to Validation with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

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Design safer equipment for the alternative fuel industry with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

In our special three-part webinar series, witness Hawk Ridge Systems simulation experts demonstrate how SOLIDWORKS Simulation product offerings are helping to design safer equipment for the alternative fuel industry. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation enables designers and analysts to quickly predict the thermal, liquid flow, and aerodynamic performance of their products at every stage of the design process in an intuitive interface to conduct Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

In part one, Product Manager Damon Tordini introduces the project and shows you how SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation helps guide the initial design process to reduce pressure buildup, and heat transfer issues before going to manufacturing. By doing so, designers can predict and detect product failures early on in the product development cycle.

Picture of Damon Tordini

Damon Tordini

Damon Tordini is the Product Manager for Plastics and Flow Simulation out of Hawk Ridge Systems’ Costa Mesa, California office. Damon received the SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer award in 2012 and is a two-time presenter at SOLIDWORKS World. When he's not waiting for his last simulation to finish, you can probably find him making some kind of noise, which he claims is music.
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