Re-Naming Your Features or Files in SOLIDWORKS

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October 21, 2015

Like all things SOLIDWORKS, there are several ways to do the same thing.  Like renaming files or features.  When you create a new feature in Solidworks the default setting uses the feature name followed by a number.  This indicates how many of the same features you have and in a small part it does not amount to be much of a problem.  When you part has several of the same feature names followed by a different digit it begins to get harder keeping which feature is what.  This is where you can rename the feature to give you a better idea of what the feature was for. So without further delay, the below steps are different ways to make changes to the name of a feature or file.

1.     One way is to perform a right mouse click and select feature properties.  This opens the feature properties and allows one to rename the feature.  This is a great way but is not always an option.  Good thing there is more than one way. 

2.     A second way is to highlight the feature or file name in the feature tree and do a “slow” double left click.  This then allows you to rename the file or feature.

3.     A third option, and probably my favorite, is when the feature or file name is highlighted click the F2 key.  This will also allow you to make your changes.

So in conclusion, whenever you have a file name you do not like or you want a better descriptive feature in the feature tree remember you have more than one option to choose from.  I will leave that up to you.

October 21, 2015
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