Making a Simple Animation in SOLIDWORKS - Part 2

Making a Simple Animation in SOLIDWORKS – Part 2

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Step by step process on how to input appearance changes, rotation around an
axis, and utilize an exploded view (explode/collapse) in an animation using

Before starting, here are a couple things to help:

  • The time bar is the orange vertical bar that is moved with a click and drag
    [Figure 1]
Figure 1: Time Bar
  • Turn on Autokey: Automatically places keys and creates the animation command
    where the time bar is at [Figure 2]
Figure 2: Autokey Button location
  • Make sure view key creation is not disabled: Disabling prevents changes in
    views from being created; right click on Orientation and Camera Views
    [Figure 3]
Figure 3: View Key Creation option

Make Animation of changing the appearance

1. Drag time bar to desired result time

2. Right click on part in the motion tree and choose Appearance [Figure 4]

3. Change to the desired appearance

4. The key is created at the time the bar was dragged to

5. Can move the start key to a different time to start transitioning to that

Figure 4: Appearance command

Make Animation of Explode/Collapse/Rotation using an exploded

Note: You have to have created an exploded configuration to display an
explode/collapse of the model in an Animation

1. Click on the animation wizard button [Figure 5] -OR- right click in the
motion study area [Figure 6]

6Animation wizard button
Figure 5: Animation Wizard Button location


Figure 6: Animation Wizard right mouse click

2. Choose Explode/Collapse/Rotate and click Next [Figure 7]

8Animation wizardMenu1

Figure 7: Animation Wizard to Rotate/Explode/Collapse

3. Input the duration and start time for Explode/Collapse [Figure 8]

4. Input the axis of rotation, number of rotations, and direction then the
duration and start time for Rotation

9Animation wizardMenu2
Figure 8: Duration and Start Time

5. The keys are created at the specified points

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