Locking Settings with an Admin Image in SOLIDWORKS

Locking Settings with an Admin Image in SOLIDWORKS
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November 17, 2016

Have you ever had a user make changes to their settings and they use the incorrect templates or library feature? The 2017 release has come up with a way to allow locking the system settings.

You will need to create and deploy an admin image to initiate this. After you have created an image open the Option Editor. Then select to edit the Global Settings.

2016 10 18 11 28 51

From the Client Installation Options we will need to set this to “Use a settings file exported from the SOLIDWORKS Settings Administrator.” Then select the “Launch Settings Administrator” button.

2016 11 10 10 49 11

This will launch the administrator and here we select how we want to apply settings. To be able to add the locks we will need to select “Import SOLIDWORKS 2017 options from this computer” then “Next”.

2016 11 10 10 51 17

This will launch the SOLIDWORKS 2017 settings for this computer and Apply which ones you want. There is also a check box to Lock them as well.

2016 11 10 10 57 11

When we have these set to your preferences for Apply & Lock select Next.

2016 11 10 11 52 27

We then can select which of the settings will be pushed into the image to be used for the clients like the Copy Settings Wizard from previous versions. The “Menu customization” is what will bring the Locked options. We are almost complete one more Next and we are ready to save.

2016 11 10 11 54 22

The Finish options for what will happen when the users look at the settings are decided here. Decide will these be applied just the first time the run SOLIDWORKS or every time and will this include any customization and will the locks be applied. There is also control on if this will be applied even when off line from the network and what API controls will do.

There is also settings on what the user will see in the pop up when they encounter a locked setting. Including can they override them if they use a password. Now we can save these I do recommend saving them to the same folder the image is at so this can moved to a shared server location if not created on one.

2016 11 10 11 56 34

Once we have this located on the shared server location we can edit the path for the settings file to make it a UNC path that is needed.

After this has been deployed to the clients and they open their options the will see things like this.

2016 11 15 10 23 03

Then if the lock is selected they will possibly get a prompt like this below. With who to contact for the password to allow the change

2016 11 11 16 15 14

This will then unlock this item only and they can change it. Now how this is handled after this is all in the setup. You can set it up to always need the password to change or only the first time changing it. In this writing I set this to be needed every time so if you use the exact same selected settings the users will be prompted to unlock each item separately every time they go to the options.

This should get you started on looking into using the lock options. If you have any questions or run into an issue with this please contact your local Reseller for assistance.

November 17, 2016
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May 10, 2020
Is it possible to apply a .sldsettings file to existing solidworks installations?
May 11, 2020
Alexei, Yes you can apply the .sldsettings to an existing install, you can use the SW Copy Settings Wizard.

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