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Introducing Onyx ESD for Markforged Industrial Series 3D Printers

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Over the past few years, Markforged has aimed to develop materials that open doors to new applications for their users. One such example is Onyx FR, a material capable of self-extinguishing at thicknesses of 3mm or greater.

Now, Markforged is continuing this trend by launching Onyx ESD, or electrostatic discharge, for their Industrial Series composite printers.


What is Onyx ESD?

Similar to the standard Onyx material, Onyx ESD is nylon-based and contains chopped carbon fiber for additional strength. This means that parts made from Onyx ESD will have the same great surface finish and strength that is typically seen from Markforged printers.


Onyx ESD parts are also able to be reinforced with all available continuous fibers, which includes Carbon Fiber and Kevlar.

However, Onyx ESD contains an additional additive that helps to dissipate electric charges which could potentially damage electronics. Parts printed with Onyx ESD have a surface resistance between 10^5 and 10^7 ohms, meaning that static charges flow slowly and do not discharge onto contact surfaces.

Being able to swap between other Markforged materials and Onyx ESD without changing hardware means users can now print parts specifically for anti-static applications. These can include items such as assembly trays, electronics fixtures and custom enclosures.



Onyx ESD launches on December 8, 2020. As mentioned, it will be compatible with the Markforged Industrial Series of 3D printers.

Thanks for reading! Check out our site for more information on Markforged 3D printers, and if you have any questions be sure to contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems today.

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Jesse Haworth

Jesse Haworth graduated from Oregon State University and has a solid background in providing technical support in both SOLIDWORKS and additive manufacturing products. He now serves as one of our 3D Printing Application Engineers, specializing in HP and Markforged technologies. In his free time, Jesse enjoys fishing, hiking and visiting local breweries.
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