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How to Utilize the Digital Forge for Your Additive Manufacturing

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Curous about the Digital Forge and what it is? The Digital Forge represents a platform that combines printer hardware, material, and software to help you create high-quality end-use parts directly on your Markforged 3D printer.

The software developed by Markforged is much more than just a standard slicing tool when working with a 3D printed part. It also helps:

  • Organize your part inventory
  • Track the usage of material
  • Maintain the status of your printer fleet
  • And can even perform quality inspection reports following a build

Though the capabilities of this cloud-based platform may be vast, it is extremely easy to use and easy to share across your organization from your engineers, product manufacturers, and quality inspectors. To learn more about the capabilities of the software, check out the webinar we recently hosted.

Watch the Webinar Now

For more information on Markforged 3D printing, or if you have any questions, please contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems today. Thanks!

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Mark Dolinar

Mark Dolinar is an Applications Engineer in our Bothell, WA office.
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