How to Use SOLIDWORKS Treehouse

How to Use SOLIDWORKS Treehouse
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February 16, 2016

SOLIDWORKS Treehouse is a useful tool that is unknown and unexplored by many users. It is useful for assembly structure planning and viewing existing assembly structure. After the structure is completed, the structure can be exported to SOLIDWORKS.

1Figure 1: Blank Treehouse

Here are the steps to use SOLIDWORKS Treehouse:

1.      Open: Start > Programs > SOLIDWORKS 20## > SOLIDWORKS Tools > SOLIDWORKS Treehouse 20##

2.      Set up templates to use (Part, Assembly, and Drawing): Options

2Figure 2: Settings

3Figure 3: Add template paths

3.      Bring in Assembly:

·         Use existing files (Can be a combination of existing and new)

3.5Figure 4: Add existing files


·         create new files

Hover over each file type to view the templates. Start with dragging in an assembly. Drag in additional assemblies and parts and drop them on top of the assembly they are in.

4Figure 5: Available templates

4.      Edit properties

·         Double click to alter Properties or single click the lower left document properties icon

4.5Figure 6: Edit Properties

·         Add and Remove Configurations

Single click on the configuration icon in the upper left corner to edit the Configurations

5.5Figure 7: Edit Configurations

6Figure 8: Add/Remove Configurations

·         Edit component and suppression count

Single click the upper right numbers to change the component and suppression counts

7Figure 9: Edit component and suppression counts

5.      Optional: Save if want to come back to structure; Saves as a .asmtree file type

6.      Export to SOLIDWORKS: Creates the structure in SOLIDWORKS with the appropriate references

8Figure 10: Export to SOLIDWORKS

Optional: Open in SOLIDWORKS after exporting: Settings > Open created documents after export

9Figure 11: Can open in SOLIDWORKS after export

You can also import an existing assembly into treehouse by dragging and dropping the file in the graphics area

February 16, 2016
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