How to Sharpen Your Skills With SOLIDWORKS Tutorials

How to Sharpen Your Skills With SOLIDWORKS Tutorials
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July 8, 2019

The library of SOLIDWORKS tutorials is extensive and has something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner just learning SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD or an advanced user with twenty years of experience, you're never done learning and can always hone in on your skills.

Tutorials are included with every seat of SOLIDWORKS and can be taken in conjunction with classes like our Hawk Ridge Systems training courses. Pairing the self-paced learning of SOLIDWORKS tutorials with instructor-led learning gives you the best of both worlds.

Accessing SOLIDWORKS Tutorials

To begin a tutorial, open up SOLIDWORKS and click the Learn tab in the Welcome dialogue box. As you will see, there are other helpful resources available to you on this page as well.


Once you've selected Tutorials, you'll see a number of topics listed. Here's a quick overview of some of the things you'll find inside:

Getting Started

  • Introduction to SOLIDWORKS
  • Parts, Assemblies & Drawings

Basic Techniques

  • Fillets, Patterns, Sheet Metal, Surfaces, Importing & Exporting, Design Tables and more!

Advanced Techniques

  • Equations, Multibody Parts, Assembly Visualization, 3D Sketching, Advanced Drawings and more!

Productivity Tools

  • Mouse Gestures, SOLIDWORKS Utilities, Smart Components, FeatureWorks, SOLIDWORKS API and other cool stuff you should check out!

Design Evaluation

  • Animation (who doesn't love that?), SOLIDWORKS Costing, DimXpert, TolAnalyst and more great tools!

CSWP/CSWA Preparation

  • This is an awesome way to up your game and get ready for these SOLIDWORKS certifications.

What's New Examples

  • An excellent way to familiarize yourself with the newest version of SOLIDWORKS. I highly recommend going through these with each software release so that you stay up-to-date and improve your efficiency.

All Tutorials

  • For those that like to be overwhelmed with a lot of information.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials

  • There are over 60 Simulation tutorials broken down by SOLIDWORKS Premium, Simulation Professional and Simulation Premium. If this isn't enough to keep you busy, you may have too much time on your hands.

Each of the tutorials will walk you through your selected topic, and gives you an estimated time to completion.

A Look Inside the Tutorials

Let's dive a little deeper and take a look at one of my favorites, 3D Sketching with Planes. Perhaps you've taken the Advanced Part Modeling class where we review 3D sketching with multiple exercises, but you are looking for a little refresher. Or maybe you're thinking about taking the class but need a glance at the topic before class starts. Either way, this is a great tutorial to get yourself going.

3D Sketching is located in the Advanced Techniques section and takes about 45 minutes to complete. It may take a little longer if you are new to SOLIDWORKS, but it's great to learn something new in a relatively short amount of time.

In this tutorial, you'll create a model using a single 3D sketch and multiple 3D sketch planes. It will walk you through step by step and show you where to find the tools required to complete the tasks.




At the end of the tutorial, you'll learn some new things and have a model you can be proud of, because you created it! solidworks-tutorials-3d-design-3

What Are You Waiting For?

I don't know about you, but I learn so much more by doing. That's the reason I am so passionate about the hands-on training that comes from these tutorials and our Hawk Ridge Systems training courses. Don't be afraid to try something new and contact us if you have any questions. Check out our course catalog to find the right class for you!


July 8, 2019
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