How to Register Your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Account

How to Register Your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Account

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With the release of another version of
go to get the download so you can start checking it out. Maybe see what all
the new enhancements can do to help speed up your work. You log into the
portal and see there are a bunch of locks on all the links including the
Downloads. What do I need to do to correct this you ask your self.

locked portal

This does happen every year when you renew subscription the old expiration
date does not automatically update on your portal account. To get this done
all you need to do is select Register My Products. This will walk you thru
with getting the locks removed.

serial number

Once we start this process the first step is to put in our Serial Number we
used for the portal. This should be the one you are using for the SOLIDWORKS
you have installed. You can see this from the SOLIDWORKS interface. Go to
Help/About SOLIDWORKS, this will open a new window and then you select the
link “Show Serial Number”. Use this to copy into the portal for your serial
number then hit “Next”.

About SW

When you hit next you will get the next page looking for what version to use
for registering the account. We will need to use the latest version associated
to the serial number. This can be found by selecting the button to the right
of the box.

version before

After selecting that button you get a list of available versions. This will be
long if the license has been around several years. So continue thru until you
encounter the latest version. Here you can see this is SOLIDWORKS 2017 which
is what is needed and will remove the locks as well. If you are not current on
your subscription the last version you were entitled to will be the newest
shown. You will not be able to remove the locks if you are not current either.

select version

Once this selected it will go back to the previous window and select “Next”.
This should bring up a page that is either showing all of the serial numbers
you are associated with or just a empty page with “Next” at the top. Then just
select the “Next” or “Home” depending on the screen. This should bring you
back to the main page and all the locks are gone. You may need to close the
browser and open it back up and log in again.


If this is not the case or you encounter any errors along the way contact you
reseller to get this resolved. The issue could be from the web site or
something did not match up correctly. So do not make any changes to the
information listed

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