How to Master Markforged Composites

How to Master Markforged Composites

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Ready to build strong parts faster? Markforged has changed the additive manufacturing game – from saving users time and money to offering a wide variety of materials and endless applications. And they’re only just beginning.

Our additive manufacturing experts put together some of our favorite features of Markforged’s composite 3D printing line, and were able to showcase the printers in action as well as part samples.

The live stream session covers:

  • Markforged Mark Two, X7 and FX20 3D printers
  • Everything you need to know about Eiger software, materials, and parts and applications
  • Hawk Ridge Systems solutions to help your manufacturing efforts
  • And so much more!

Watch Live Stream Recording Now

Don’t settle for the old ways of manufacturing – discover how the latest in 3D printing technology can change your business with Markforged technology. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems today!

Picture of Kainon Irons

Kainon Irons

Kainon Irons is a 3D Printing Application Engineer at Hawk Ridge Systems specializing in DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) and technical consultation for HP and Markforged 3D printing systems. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Kainon has experience bringing products from prototype to production and he understands how additive manufacturing transforms the design process. He is excited to share knowledge about how 3D printing is changing the game for manufacturing and end use parts.
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