Exploring What's New: CAMWorks 2023 Enhancements

Exploring What's New: CAMWorks 2023 Enhancements
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December 28, 2022 Edited February 22, 2023

For years, CAMWorks has been one of the best CAM software options for automation and SOLIDWORKS integration. The recent upgrades and updates for 2023 help uphold that reputation. We will highlight some of the more exciting and important changes added to CAMWorks 2023.

New Probing Cycles

Modernizing your manufacturing process means looking at ways to increase production within the same time frame. With more companies moving toward “lights out” manufacturing to achieve this goal, CAMWorks has updated their probing operations to include more options to locate the part. 

In 2023, you can establish a plane by probing three points. This can help to determine an accurate Z level and/or tilt in your Work Offset. 

Three-point plane probing cycle in CAMWorks 2023Three-point plane probing cycle in CAMWorks 2023

Three-point plane probing cycle.

Additionally, more probing cycles were added to establish the angle of a X or Y faces relative to the Z axis planes in Milling and Rotary axis in Mill-Turn applications. The resultant value can be used to compensate the setup.  

Probing angle of faces.

Cavity Focused Volumill

The Stock Recognition capability within Volumill has been a great tool for bulk material removal on complex parts. Sometimes these overall strategies gives us too much of what we want, e.g.:  we add this type of toolpath with the intention of just machining a few features and not the whole part.  

In past versions of CAMWorks, one would have had to use another great function called Contain Area to limit the travel of the tool. In 2023, Volumill will have an option to self-limit to just the watertight cavities of your part. Volumill now allows for greater programming intent to be baked into the operation. 

Machine cavities only option in Volumill.

Programming Multiple Parts of Differing Materials in Assembly Mode

Maximizing the use of your machine’s work envelope is another way to increase your production. Fitting as many parts on your table sometimes means parts made of different materials in one setup.  

CAMWorks can now read the feeds and speeds from different material libraries in one assembly file.  The programming intent of CAM files that were programmed separately can be combined into one file with ease, saving you time on any manual changes.  

New enhancements in CAMWorks 2023New enhancements in CAMWorks 2023

CAMWorks Wire Premium Integration Updates

CAMWorks Wire has added many new ways to define your programming intent in the premium module.  

Using cosmetic features, you can easily assign various parameters to your program. Creating operations can now be automated by designating strategies based on colour coding the faces. Those strategies can further be automated by adding Decals to the faces to designate additional parameters such as Glue Stop locations. 

Decals used to locate glue stop and machine stop in CAMWorks 2023Decals used to locate glue stop and machine stop in CAMWorks 2023

Decals used to locate glue stop and machine stop.

One of the benefits of being fully integrated within SOLIDWORKS is not only access to complex CAD tools, but also access to tools that can simplify functions from a CAM perspective. CAMWorks Wire Premium 2023 can now define Features based on sketches. This allows you to decrease the complexities of your wire machining by linking your part in one continuous sketched toolpath that won’t require you to rethread the wire. Fourth axis wire programming is now also possible from only a sketch. 

Defining wire path from sketch in CAMWorks 2023Defining wire path from sketch in CAMWorks 2023

Defining wire path from sketch.

Learn More in Our On-Demand Webinar

Watch the on-demand webinar below for a more in-depth review of the new features within CAMWorks 2023.

If you are currently a CAMWorks user or if you are interested in learning more about how these functions can assist you with enhancing your programming, please contact us and we can provide you with a demonstration based on your own parts. 

December 28, 2022
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