7 Reasons You Need an Elite Subscription Plan for SOLIDWORKS

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If there’s one thing you can count on in the engineering field, it’s that change is inevitable.

From constant upgrades and enhancements to new technologies and even economic shifts, there’s a lot of evolving that organizations (and engineers like you) must do to stay current.

While engineering solutions are steadily expanding and becoming more sophisticated, the need for quality training and technical support has greatly increased – especially in the last couple of years.

With that in mind, Hawk Ridge Systems reimagined Subscription services.

Instead of providing basic upgrades and standard, industry-wide features, we wanted to give users everything they needed to be successful in today’s climate, including:

  • Highly experienced technical support
  • SolidProfessor training and resources
  • Software upgrades
  • “Ask an Expert” session
  • Training and 3D printing vouchers
  • And much more

Benefits of Elite Subscription plan with Hawk Ridge Systems

Whether you’re at a Fortune 500 company or launching a new start up, an expert in analysis or creating your first CAD designs – there are subscription resources for your needs.

Not quite convinced? Read on for an in-depth look at seven of the most exciting benefits of the Hawk Ridge Systems Elite Subscription plan.

Technical Support

At Hawk Ridge Systems, when we say our support team is kind of a big deal, we mean it.

Boasting a 12-hour support window and coast-to-coast coverage, they are available and willing to help with any issue you’re having. With live phone, chat, web, and email support – as well as access to hundreds of informative articles in our Knowledge Base – there’s always somewhere to turn for answers.

Regardless of the product or level of complexity, our technical support experts have likely encountered the issue you’re facing and can help you find a solution.

Training From SolidProfessor

Have you ever considered how much time is spent looking for answers to basic questions on forums, YouTube videos, or from one teammate to another? Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate some of the basic knowledge gaps that exist within your organization?

With over 7,500 on-demand tutorials, an expansive resources library, and certification prep and exams, SolidProfessor can help your team enhance their skillset and boost productivity. Whether you need to sharpen your CAD skills or gain knowledge in CAM, 3D printing or other areas – there’s a SolidProfessor resource for you. You can also take advantage of fully customizable online training programs and monitor progress with the SolidProfessor dashboard.

And the best part? All of these resources are available anytime, anywhere – and at your own pace.

Explore all of the valuable resources that SolidProfessor has to offer!

Software Upgrades

We know that creating the best designs requires the best tools – and that means having the latest and greatest technology in the channel.

With Subscription, you automatically receive new versions of SOLIDWORKS when they are released; allowing you to stay current and work more efficiently with all of the latest features and enhancements.

“Ask an Expert” Session

If you’re like most of us, you’ve encountered a roadblock somewhere in your design cycle that you just haven’t been able to solve on your own. Whether it’s an issue with best practices, automation options or complex analysis problems, sometimes you just need a fresh perspective.

We developed the “Ask An Expert” session for just that.

When you’re on an Elite Subscription plan and you encounter an issue that’s outside the scope of traditional support, you can schedule a two-hour consultation with one of our many engineering pros and they will help craft a solution for your unique situation.

Our engineers love a good challenge, so put them to work with one of your head-scratching projects today. Let our pros help you make the most of your SOLIDWORKS tools and share valuable insight from their deep bench of experience.

Ask an Expert session with Elite Subscription Plan

Training and 3D Printing Vouchers

At Hawk Ridge Systems, we’re passionate about utilizing available resources to make the most of your designs. That’s why we’ve added training and 3D printing vouchers to the Subscription success plans.

Many organizations get caught on the fence when it comes to additive manufacturing and aren’t exactly sure how it could benefit their production process. With a $500 3D printing voucher, we hope to help demonstrate that impact in a tangible way by letting you work with our additive experts to craft a solution for your needs.

The same is true for training. We want to help teams take advantage of the wealth of training options available to them and believe the $500 instructor-led training can help do just that.

Whether you prefer an in-person training or completely virtual, the training credit helps provide your team access to interactive, lab-based learning options.

Services Discounts

We want you to make the most of your SOLIDWORKS portfolio and utilize the tools to their full potential. With the Elite Subscription package, you can take advantage of a significant discount on our wide range of services.

From implementation to upgrades and consulting, our dedicated services team can get your team up and running quickly and efficiently.

Additional Elite Subscription Benefits

While we covered a handful of our favorite perks of our Elite Subscription plans, there are still more great benefits worth mentioning, including:

  • SolidProfessor On-Demand Training Site License
    With an Elite Subscription, you unlock a site license, giving you logins for up to 3x the number of Elite SOLIDWORKS Subscription users.
  • SOLIDWORKS Certifications
    Want to measure your knowledge? SOLIDWORKS Certifications can be used as a benchmark to see where you (and your team) stack up, as well as prove your competency.
    Take advantage of this integrated CAM system software that allows you to get your designs into production faster than ever and save on costly rework.
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard
    Create impressive renderings, interactive images and so much more from your 3D CAD data, all included in your Subscription plan.

Our Elite Subscription plan was designed with your success in mind. Rather than simply providing software updates and standard software add-ons, we wanted to help you take advantage of a wealth of resources like our renowned technical support and extensive learning tools.

We believe that by providing the right solutions, support and educational resources, we can help the scribbled ideas of today become innovative products that will change the world tomorrow.

If you’re interested in our Elite Subscription plan, be sure to contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems and our team of experts will get you started. Thanks for reading!

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