Linear sketch patterns in SOLIDWORKS

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2022: Linear Sketch Pattern Enhancements

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If you are using linear patterns in your sketches, I’ve got some exciting news for you! There have been some great enhancements with the release of SOLIDWORKS 2022. Now, you can use a line as a direction reference (previously it would become part of the patterned entities). Also, you can pattern and copy text in linear patterns.

I’m working on a plane propeller here and I want to add in some features for manufacturing. I already have a couple of sketches that I’m going to use for the features.

Propeller and sketches in SOLIDWORKS

Propeller and Sketches

The Revolve Sketch is going to be a revolved cut for mounting the propeller. I have a construction line at a 3-degree angle and a square because that is the shape and orientation that I need for this mounting feature.

Using a Line as a Direction Reference

Revolved feature sketch in SOLIDWORKS

Revolved Feature Sketch

To start a linear pattern, click on the Sketch command manager tab and select the command.

Linear sketch pattern command in SOLIDWORKS

Linear Sketch Pattern command

The default is the X-axis as the direction for the pattern, but I can use my construction line instead! This is helpful when your pattern doesn’t follow X and Y directions. I’ll specify spacing and instances to add a couple more squares and then create a revolved cut.

Linear sketch settings in SOLIDWORKS

Sketch settings

Finished revolved cut in SOLIDWORKS

Finished Revolved Cut

Next, I want to add some text for the installers so that they know which way is up when they are mounting it. The Text Sketch has some construction geometry and the word “UP” in it, but I also want to put it on the bottom of the face. Instead of doing more construction geometry and text, I’ll use the linear pattern again.

Sketch with text in SOLIDWORKS

Sketch with Text

This time, I could use the Y-axis as the pattern direction but I’ll just use this vertical construction line as I did in the previous sketch. I’ll put in the spacing and instances and flip the direction, then create a cut for the feature.

Text linear pattern sketches in SOLIDWORKS

Text Linear Pattern

Cut using text linear sketch patterns in SOLIDWORKS

Cut using Text

Hopefully, this blog showed you some useful and time-saving ways to use linear sketch patterns in SOLIDWORKS. If you’d like to learn more or if you have any questions, please contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems today. Thanks for reading!

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Vince Farrell

Vince Farrell is an applications engineer with a design background in the LED industry. He has over four years of SOLIDWORKS experience in both LEDs and aerospace industries. In his spare time, Vince likes to spend time with family and friends, hit the gym, and travel.
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