How Colleges and Universities Keep Their Rankings Up with 3D Printing

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College recruitment is hard. With so many higher education options out there, universities work harder than ever to differentiate themselves in a crowded playing field. Schools that attract the best students must be viewed as an innovation leader with a finger on the pulse of today’s latest trends and technologies. This is why top colleges invest in cutting edge 3D printing technology to secure their spot at the top of college ranking lists. So what exactly does 3D printing fulfill and why do savvy students across the nation add 3D printing to their list of “must-haves” when narrowing down their college prospects?

Research. Develop. Lead.

Prospective students aren’t going to apply to a college that just talks about the future. They want a school that creates it through extensive research and development. The additive manufacturing arena is growing fast. So fast that end users rely on collegiate research and development to stay on top of the latest technologies. Funding for 3D printing research and development has blossomed over the years. Colleges that capture those R&D dollars create valuable advancements in the field while also furthering their school’s reputation for innovation.

Hands On Learning

Today’s students are focused more on practice than on theory. Studying additive manufacturing in the classroom can only take their learning so far. Students want schools that will let them get their hands directly on a 3D printer and just do it. That’s why the top schools have research and design labs filled with 3D printers, like Markforged. 3D printing centers, such as Harvard’s Active Learning Lab, allow students from across all disciplines to not just dream their wildest ideas, but to design and build them with 3D printing technology.

Life After College

3D printing is in wide use across multiple industries. Automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, electrical, medical, and consumer-based businesses are all utilizing this innovative technology for both prototypes and end use parts. Want to enter the aerospace industry? Become a 3D printing expert. Thinking of a career in the arts? Get creative with a 3D printer. No idea what you want to do once you leave those hallowed hallways? That’s ok. No matter the career path, additive manufacturing will likely play a part. Graduates know they will benefit from an education steeped in a hands on 3D printing experience regardless of their career path. The best schools prepare their students for the future by incorporating additive technology throughout their curriculum.

So how do you count your college among the 3D printing elites? Reasonably priced, easy to set up and endlessly innovative, the Markforged Metal X will take your ranking to the next level. Today’s high schoolers want to be tomorrow’s industry leaders. With Markforged on campus, candidates will view your university as ahead of the 3D printing learning curve.

Ready to get an A+? Give us a call to see how Markforged can elevate your academic experience today! If you have any questions, contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems. Thanks for reading!

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