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SOLIDWORKS Plastics makes it easy for companies that make plastic parts or injection molds to accurately predict part quality from the earliest stages of the design process.
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Built-in Injection Molding Simulation for SOLIDWORKS

Go beyond the existing mold design capabilities available within SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. SOLIDWORKS Plastics was created specifically for plastic part and injection mold designers, providing you with the tools you need to easily identify potential manufacturing problems earlier in your design process. This easy-to-use solution helps you to simulate and predict mold filling patterns, prevent product defects, and reduce your costs and product development timelines – all directly in your familiar SOLIDWORKS interface.

With SOLIDWORKS Plastics, you can be confident in your part design before ever cutting steel for the mold.

solidworks plastics simulation overmold model
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  • Filling
    Animate filling pattern inside a mold cavity.
  • Short Shots
    Determine whether a given molding machine can successfully fill a part.
  • Weld Lines
    Visualize problem areas where plastic melt recombines.
  • Sink Marks
    Predict location of surface depressions due to sink.
  • Multiple Gates
    Compare mold filling for one or many gates in.
  • Nominal Wall Thickness Advisor
    Check part geometry for walls that are too thick or too thin.
  • Air Traps
    Predict air trap locations.
  • Venting Analysis
    Specify vent locations to predict air pressure in the mold cavity.
  • Packing
    Estimate shrinkage based on packing stage parameters.
  • Gas Assisted Injection
    Simulate gas-assisted co-injection for hollowed out parts.
  • Valve Gates
    Include gates that shut on/off during molding cycle
  • Multiple Cavity Molds
    Simulate full mold layout including runner system and sprue.
  • Runner Balancing
    Automatically find optimal runner sizes for even mold filling.
  • Co-Injection
    Simulate injection of multiple materials.
  • Insert Over-molding
    Predict flow around plastic or metal inserts.
  • Shrinkage
    Predict volumetric shrinkage in a part.
  • Cycle Time
    Predict total cycle time for filling, pack, and cooling.
  • Fiber Analysis & Birefringence
    Predict fiber orientation and optical effects.
  • Part Warpage
    Calculate deformed shape of part based on internal stress.
  • Cooling Line Analysis
    Calculate the actual temperature distribution in a mold based on cooling system design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a SOLIDWORKS license needed to use SOLIDWORKS Plastics?
Yes. SOLIDWORKS Plastics is an add-in product that can run on any existing license of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
How is SOLIDWORKS Plastics licensed?
SOLIDWORKS Plastics comes in three levels (Standard, Professional and Premium), each of which can be purchased as a perpetual license (with subscription) or as a term license. It can be activated on a particular machine or shared as part of a network license pool (additional costs apply).
What kind of manufacturing processes does SOLIDWORKS Plastics support?
SOLIDWORKS Plastics can simulate plastic injection molding, such as that performed on machines from companies like Arburg, Engel, and Toshiba.
Does SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulate materials other than plastic?
Yes, SOLIDWORKS Plastics supports silicone, rubber, and epoxy-based materials such as those used in Metal Injection Molding (MIM).
Does SOLIDWORKS Plastics support Die Casting?
No, unfortunately molten metals and related equipment are not supported.
What are the pre-requisites to run SOLIDWORKS Plastics?
SOLIDWORKS Plastics can be added to any existing license of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.
Are there any special hardware requirements for SOLIDWORKS Plastics?
No, the hardware requirements are the same as those for SOLIDWORKS.
Can SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulate overmolding?
Yes, users can simulate both insert overmolding and two-shot molding processes including gas assist (requires Plastics Professional or higher)
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