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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D lets you easily connect your 2D schematic to your 3D CAD model, syncing the two for easy collaboration.
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Integrated Electrical Design for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D was built with collaboration in mind. This electrical design software allows you to easily connect your 2D schematics to 3D models in SOLIDWORKS, while allowing your mechanical and electrical design teams to work together in real-time, sharing the same databases. The schematics and 3D models are even synchronized, so changes you make to one will update automatically in the other.

Simplify the design of your electrical systems with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D. This solution helps your mechanical engineering team know which electrical parts need to be placed into 3D assemblies. It even automates the routing of wires and cables, while accurately determining the lengths for your wires, cables, and harnesses so that you can estimate costs and reduce scrap.

solidworks electrical performance screenshot

Key Features & Benefits

ECAD and MCAD Collaboration

Schematic layouts from SOLIDWORKS Electrical can be intelligently mapped to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

Automatic Routing

Automatically connect components with the appropriate wire and cable types throughout the 3D model and optimize the path.

Real-Time Synchronization

Design updates to either the mechanical or electrical system are instantly synchronized to the model, allowing you to quickly adapt to change.

Simple Harness Design

Routing for simple electrical harnesses can be completed and documented. For more complex harnesses with large numbers of branches, check out Enterprise Harness.

Electrical Cabinet Design

Lay out components within an electrical cabinet or control panel automatically from the schematic control panel layout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a SOLIDWORKS license to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D?
Yes, you will need a license of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D can be added to any of the 3 versions of SOLIDWORKS: Standard, Professional, or Premium.
Do I need to have SOLIDWORKS Premium to route the wire and cables with the routing tools?
No. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D uses the routing engine to route the wire and cables. When you enable the route wires or cables command it will load the routing tools in the background. All you need is a license of SOLIDWORKS Standard or better.
What is the main difference between SOLDIWORKS Electrical 3D and SOLIDWORKS Routing?
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D will automate about 80% of what routing does, by pulling the metadata from the shared SQL databases and using that information to automate the routing of the wires and cables.
What solution is best for designing harnesses?
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D is optimized for point-to-point wiring and is most effective in the layout of wiring for industrial machinery and automation. It can handle small harnesses, but for complex harnesses, or if your company specializes in harnesses, Enterprise Harness may be a better solution.
Can I use SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D separate from SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic?
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D and SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic can be run on separate computers, but they do need to be connected to the same SQL server and shared application data folders.
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