New enhancements to the SOLIDWORKS 2019 Solution Portfolio will help you maximize the productivity of your design and manufacturing resources while allowing you to develop great products faster.

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Throughout the year, SOLIDWORKS receives thousands of user-submitted enhancement requests for their solution portfolio. These user requests are then vetted and prioritized, and made available during the year through service packs, as well as at our big release in September. Check out our new features now available in SOLIDWORKS 2019 and our Design to Manufacture Solution; providing users a suite of seamlessly integrated software tools that allow you to go from concept to manufactured product faster, all in the native SOLIDWORKS environment.


New Drawing Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS 2019 contains many enhancements that will make your design detailing faster and easier.

Create Designs Faster with SOLIDWORKS 2019

New manufacturing technology creates new design opportunities in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Innovative Collaboration Tools Speed Design

SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides many new and innovative tools to help you collaborate faster and easier.

More Power for the Design to Manufacture Solution

More power for the SOLIDWORKS Design to Manufacture Solution suite of tools including improvements to SOLIDWORKS MBD, CAM and Inspection.

Communicate Critical Information via the Model

Added support for Sheet Metal annotations, gives you greater protection over your intellectual property, and the ability to copy dimension schemes to derived parts

Inspection Reports with Greater Flexibility

Automatically extract characteristics’ zone location the information contained in hole tables, including quantity, X and Y positions, and callouts.

Treehouse Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS Treehouse, the standalone application for building, viewing, and managing assembly structures has been improved.

New Capabilities with Mesh and Scanned Data

New tools like Slicing and 3D Texture, while updated enhancements to Projected Curve and Partial Chamfer.

User Interface Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS 2019 simplifies complex processes and brings commonly used commands to your fingertips.

Productivity Enhancements for Milling

Defining rules for each CNC machine creates standards for specific manufacturing workflows.

Graphics Gets a Performance Boost

SOLIDWORKS 2019 delivers significant graphic performance enhancements for large assemblies giving users optimized view manipulations for a better overall experience.

3D Markup: New Way to Collaborate

Add markups and notes directly to your 3D model using the new 3D Markup capability. Just orient your model and begin.

Working on Touch Devices

To be productive and get the most out of these new touch devices, SOLIDWORKS has evolved alongside the hardware, supporting you every step of the way.

Streamlined Assembly Workflows

Working with assemblies in SOLIDWORKS is now easier and faster than ever before to make common workflows faster.

Improved Tolerance-Based Machining in CAM

Tolerance-Based Machining in CAM 2019 streamlines design to manufacture, leveraging the power of MBD to automate CNC programming.

Simplify Large Assembly Models Faster

The Silhouette Defeature option is a new enhancement that has been added in SOLIDWORKS 2019 to significantly speed up the process of simplifying assemblies.

Improved Large Assembly Performance

Many new enhancements have been included in SOLIDWORKS 2019 to help improve large and complex assembly performance.

Flexibility When Creating Exploded Views

It just got faster and easier to explain how your assembly goes together with SOLIDWORKS 2019.

Automate Your Design Topology Decisions

Use weight, strength, factor of safety, and frequency constraints to drive optimized topology in your design.


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