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Build Prep Software for HP 3D Printers

Two recommended software options for the HP Jet Fusion are HP Smart Stream 3D Build Manager and Materialise Magics. Smart Stream 3D is free, while Materialise Magics offers additional features.
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HP Smart Stream 3D Build Manager

Smart Stream is perfect for getting started with an HP machine with a simple user interface that can easily nest builds, fix files, and send jobs to the machine. For operations that are running lower quantities of parts, this is a great tool. Parts are nested in this software by using the Bounding Box of each part for quick and simple build prep.

Materialise Magics

Materialise Magics is a game-changing software for additive manufacturing. When increasing productivity and reducing part cost for your machine are on the line, Materialise Magics is the way to go. Modules within the software, such as geometry-based nesting, allow you to be highly efficient with your 3D printing builds. Magics also helps you send jobs to the machine, fix STL files, add latticing, work with native CAD formats, split parts, and much more. You can experience huge time and cost savings when using this software, especially in high-volume production environments running HP Jet Fusion systems.


Technical Specifications

HP Smart Stream
Materialise Magics
Sending Jobs to the Machine
Cross-Section View
Manual Nesting
Bounding Box Nesting
Geometry Based Nesting
Nesting Freedom of Parts
Nesting Optimization Settings
Sinter Box Creation
Hollowing Parts
Color Editing – whole part
Color Editing - surfaces
STL Fixing
STL Editing
Multi-Platform Nesting
Slice Distribution Optimization
Analysis Tools
Lattice Structures and Honeycombs
Work with Native CAD Formats
Mass Label Creation (Serialization)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Materialise Magics better than the free HP Smart Stream software?

The primary reason most people switch over to Magics is for the robust nesting tools within the software. Magics can nest based on the geometry of each part rather than just the bounding box of a part. This allows for higher nesting densities, more production, and ultimately huge savings for operators.

What Materialise Magics modules do I need for an HP machine?

The typical package for HP includes the following modules: Magics RP (the base software), Sinter Module (nesting builds), Structures (lattice structures), HP Build Processor (sending jobs to the machine from the software), and the All-Imports Module (working with native CAD files). The most important module is the Sinter Module which will allow for nesting of builds using advanced tools such as geometry-based nesting.

Which software is better for high volume production?

Materialise Magics is much better for high volume production compared to Smart Stream.

Can Magics send jobs directly to my machine?

Yes, Materialise Magics has pre-existing modules dialed in for a variety of production printers on the market including the HP Jet Fusion line of machines.

Can Magics nest multiple simultaneous builds automatically?

Yes, the software streamlines multi-platform nesting with the click of a button. Our customers who consistently run high volumes of parts love this feature.

Can Magics add a lattice structure to my part?

Yes, there is a structures module that allows for latticing parts both internally and externally. Magics has a library of lattice structure units as well as tools for importing your own lattice design. Latticing is a great way to reduce part cost on an HP 3D printer.

Can I start a trial of this software to see if it will work for me?

Yes, feel free to reach out to us and we can set you up with a free trial. containers which significantly reduces the price per kg of material.

How can I determine if this software will pay for itself on an HP 3D printer?

An ROI can quickly be determined with the nesting module by comparing how many parts can fit in a single build before and after Magics. Then account for the time savings and reduced part cost from increased production capability.

Does Materialise Magics work with multiple file types?

Yes, Magics can work with most common file types including STL, 3MF, OBJ, STEP, and SOLIDWORKS, just to name a few.

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