Electromagnetic Analysis

SIMULIA CST Studio Suite

SIMULIA CST Studio Suite is a high-performance 3D analysis solution for designing, simulating, and optimizing electromagnetic systems.
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Electromagnetic Field Simulation From SIMULIA

Electromagnetic components are crucial to the success of an ever-increasing range of products. With general-purpose and specialized solvers for applications across the electromagnetic spectrum within a single user interface, CST Studio Suite enables rapid, flexible development cycles. You can ensure your products meet legal electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and exposure limits and avoid time-consuming redesigns or costly recalls.

cst studio suite multiphysics thermal board model

Key Features

Use general-purpose and specialized solvers for applications across the electromagnetic spectrum.
Hybrid Simulation
Solvers can be coupled with each other to simulate complex systems.
Simulate multiphysics effects by coupling the included thermal and structural mechanics solvers with the EM solvers.
Built-in local and global optimizers can be used with all solvers to improve performance, meet specifications, or reduce cost.
Use the direct cyclic approach to model progressive damage and failure
Numerous material models allow a vast array of phenomena to be simulated, including plasmonic and photonic effects, ferromagnetism, secondary electron emission, and biological heating.
Use fast, automatic meshing, with mesh refinement and automatic adaptation to increase mesh quality in critical parts of the model.
Parametric SOLIDWORKS Link
Easily import design changes back and forth between SOLIDWORKS and CST.
Parametric Modeling
Models can also be created and edited with the built-in, fully parametric CAD interface.
Synthesis Tools
Automatically build models with Filter Designer 2D for planar filters, Filter Designer 3D for cross-coupled cavity filters, Array Wizard for antenna arrays, Antenna Magus for antenna design, and FEST3D for waveguide design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of solver does SIMULIA CST Studio Suite use?

CST offers a complete package of solvers for problems from statics to high frequency, including general purpose solvers like the Time Domain and Frequency Domain solvers suitable for a wide range of scenarios, as well as more specialized solvers for applications such as motors, circuit boards, and cable harnesses.

Can SIMULIA CST Studio Suite perform multiphysics simulations?

Yes. CST offers thermal and structural mechanics solvers, which can be coupled with the EM solvers for an integrated workflow.

Does SIMULIA CST Studio Suite integrate with SOLIDWORKS?

Yes. Parametric linking to SOLIDWORKS means you can easily make model changes, enabling rapid iteration and optimization.

How is SIMULIA CST Studio Suite licensed?

Both perpetual licensing (with subscription) and term licensing are available.

What is the difference between CST and Opera?

SIMULIA Opera complements CST with its strength in low frequency simulation, which is useful for the design of magnets, electric motors, and other electrical machines. Our team can help you determine which EM simulation software is best for your scenario.

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