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Predator PDM (Product Data Management) software allows you to create a paperless manufacturing environment with built-in revision control and workflow optimization.

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Organize Your Shop Floor with Predator Product Data Management

After implementing Predator PDM, you will have everything you need, from CNC programs, to process sheets, setup sheets, inspection sheets, and more, in a single accessible location for everyone on your shop floor. The software promotes best practice workflows and ensures you’re making the right part every time with all your documentation in one place.

From startups to global OEMs, Predator PDM will bring order to the smallest shop or can be scaled to connect multiple plants. Using industry-standard technology, Predator PDM reduces downtime, promotes efficiency, and supports audit trails and ISO implementation. Available in both Standard and Enterprise versions, it is compatible with Predator DNC, MDC, Editor, Tracker, and more.


Best Practice Workflows
Predator PDM includes best practice workflow wizards for release, unrelease, revise, rollback, check-in and check-out. These wizards honor permissions and include ISO 9000 style history.
Open API and Database Architecture
Integrate your ERP and MES system with Predator PDM’s open API. Develop ERP and shop floor validation. Flow part and job numbers from your ERP directly into Predator. Many other automation projects can be completed with C#, C++, VB.Net, VB6, VB script, Windows Script, Delphi, and other compatible programming languages. Predator MDC is based on an open architecture client/server database standard. Select from Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle.
Predator DNC Integration
Download released CNC programs to their machines using Predator DNC with a single click.
Predator CNC Editor Integration
Compare and backplot CNC programs with the Predator CNC Editor with a single click.
Predator MDC Integration
Initiate manual data collection events such as job start, part start, operation start, setup start – and many others – with Predator MDC with a single click.
Predator Tracker Integration
View tools, cutters, inserts and gages with Predator Tracker with a single click.


The Hawk Ridge team is here to for you. We have built a dedicated manufacturing service and support team with software expertise and industry experience to ensure that your success and productivity.

We have assisted many customers to implement Predator PDM. Putting all of their shop documents into Predator PDM helps replace thick shop travelers with a single page, keeping the rest in electronic documents within the software.

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Hawk Ridge Systems offers complete implementation services, from detailing out the right solution for your shop, to installation, customization, and systems integration.



Hawk Ridge Systems has a team of certified support engineers who specialize manufacturing, ready to assist with your questions or challenges. Our substantial experience with Predator and data managemnet software installations gives us a great understanding of how to support both the Predator software and the hardware that goes with it.

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What are the benefits of adding Predator PDM?
Predator PDM is an ideal tool for bringing order and efficiency to your manufacturing process, while reducing or eliminating errors that stem from poor revision control and failed communication between departments.
Will Predator PDM work with my Predator DNC or MDC package?
Yes, Predator PDM integrates seamlessly with every major Predator package.
Is Predator PDM difficult to use?
Predator PDM uses many common out-of-the box and industry standard technologies to make it easier to implement and learn. If your people can navigate Microsoft Windows File Explorer, they will feel right at home with Predator PDM.


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