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Predator DNC

Predator DNC helps you manage your files, letting you effortlessly send and receive files to and from your CNC machines, either automatically or with a few short clicks, depending on the machines.
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Network Your Machines, PLCs, 3D Printers, and Manage Your Files.

Predator DNC helps you control files being sent to and from your CNC machines, keeping you ahead of part revisions for your machines to stop running the wrong revisions. Programs can be transferred either automatically or manually depending on your criteria. You can transfer ISO, conversational, and binary formats, machine variables, tool offsets, work offsets, parameters – and more – with over 50 communication protocols. Predator DNC uses wired, multiport hubs, wireless, or ethernet for communications, and supports RFID chips, BTRs, and bar code readers.

Optional Touch HMI allows you to communicate with machines from a shop floor PC or handheld tablet for instant visual confirmation of processes, with operator-friendly, customizable screens. You can also upgrade to PDM for secure revision control, or MDC for comprehensive data collection.

screenshot of predator dnc software

Key Features

Predator DNC
Maximum Number of Machine or Ports
The maximum number of remote commands and machines per PC or server is 4,096.
Wired and Wireless Hardware Support
Connections can be wired or wireless, and are able to be mixed.
Ethernet Support
Predator can connect via Ethernet if the machine is so equipped
Automatic Saming of Received Programs
With a remote request, Predator can be setup to automatically name your programs.
CNC Editor
Predator’s fully functional CNC editor is included.
Basic and Advanced Serial Machines Communications
Any CNC machine with serial communications can be addressed.
Predator DNC can drip-feed large programs to machines.
Restart Programs
The software supports mid-program restarts after tool breaks during drip-feeds. Restarts can occur remotely or at the PC.
File Viewers
Predator supports most types of file viewer.
Touch HMI
This optional add-on can be used to customize operator screens on tablets and floor PCs for communication.
Run Script Files
Optionally, VB script files can be supported and executed to do various functions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix wireless and wired in one DNC system?

Yes, Predator’s DNC system can mix with any number and type of hardware.

Some of my machines only have tape readers, what can I do?

Predator BTRs will act as an interface between the tape reader and machine to allow you to transfer files to them. This also increases the memory of the machine.

Can you transfer Mazatrol files with Predator?

Yes, Predator software can send and receive in Mazatrol format.

Can Predator DNC send programs from our work orders that travel through the shop?

Yes, Predator DNC can be setup to automatically send files from your work orders.

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