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Eiger provides you with a seamless platform to import CAD data, customize part print properties, understand print specs, and send print jobs to your Markforged 3D printer.
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Integrated, Cloud-Based Software To Manage Builds and Printers

Eiger is a powerful digital manufacturing software designed to help you manage parts and builds on your Markforged 3D printer. It provides you with a seamless platform to import CAD data, customize your part print properties, understand print specs, and send print jobs to your machines.
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Key Features & Benefits

Cloud-Based Software

Manage your complete digital manufacturing workflow from Eiger. Manage part files and folders, prints, machines, and users – all from one easy location.

Print Details and Material Cost

Understand in-depth information for individual part files or multi-part builds regarding print times, material usage, and material cost.

Custom Fiber Routing

Customize internal fiber routing using the Eiger internal view by selecting individual layers or groups of layers and assigning fiber types and directions. Maximize mechanical performance of parts with targeted fiber configurations.

Integrated Dashboard Analytics

Understand detailed information regarding performance and usage across your entire fleet. Material usage and print jobs can be tracked across both machines and users.

Automated Job Nesting

Print and nest multiple parts at the same time to increase productivity and job output.

Fine-Tune Print Customization

Easily customize your prints by changing materials, layer heights, supports, and infills across your entire fleet of Markforged printers from one place.

Revolutionizing Dragsters With Markforged

In the high-speed, high-stakes world of jet engine drag racing, manufacturing quality parts is a matter of life and death. Just ask Josette Roach, one of only five female jet dragster drivers in the entire world.

Josette Roach and Brian Tocci of Larsen Motorsports saw the need to create a custom steering wheel for Josette’s jet car that would fit her hands exactly. Enter Markforged, and our Simulation software, which allowed the team at Larsen to build this part with top-end accuracy.

Engineering Success Together

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an offline version of Eiger available?
Yes. Even though the Eiger cloud is very secure, some organizations have high-security requirements that are more suitable for Offline Eiger which can be purchased on a subscription basis per machine.
How much does Eiger cost?

Eiger is free to sign up for and use; try it today!

Can Eiger handle multiple users with access to the same machines and part files?
Yes, Eiger allows for the creation of an organization which will tie together all users, parts, and machines.
Does Eiger work for the Metal X?
Yes, Eiger works for all Markforged machines and allows for seamless transitions between printers and materials.
Does Eiger allow for customizing fiber directions and locations with the composite systems?
Eiger has an integrated “internal view” that allows for selecting individual layers, or groups of layers for custom fiber routing configurations.
Can I track my organization’s material usage with Eiger?
Eiger has an integrated analytics dashboard which will communicate how much material is being used across the complete organization. Data can be filtered and downloaded so you are only capturing the most relevant information.
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