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Blacksmith software for the Markforged X7 integrates quality assurance into the 3D printing process by scanning parts to take measurements as parts are being printed.
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Integrated Quality Assurance Software for the Markforged X7 3D Printer

Blacksmith is a game-changing software that integrates quality assurance into the 3D printing process by scanning parts using an onboard laser micrometer to take measurements as parts are being printed. All you have to do is press print and the X7 will do the rest by providing a strong robust part with a quality report on dimensional accuracy. Blacksmith is perfect for those needing to control their additive manufacturing process while also ensuring that parts are accurate and traceable.
blacksmith markforged software

Key Features & Benefits

Point Cloud Accuracy Verification

Compare printed geometries to CAD data with an interactive point cloud verification tool which allows for filtering based on dimensional accuracy thresholds and scan resolution settings.

In-Depth Part Inspection

Understand feature relationships including perpendicularity, hole size, planar deviation, hole centerline distances, and much more.

Scan Reports

Download scan reports containing build details including print settings, machine information, part data, and scan point distribution information. This feature adds traceability to the scan process.

Scan History

View previous print scans of a part file and track improvements to accuracy over time.

Enhanced Part Performance

Utilizing advanced AI-powered algorithms to analyze and optimize part designs automatically.

Reduced Material Waste

This not only helps to minimize costs but also contributes to sustainability efforts by conserving resources and reducing environmental impact.

Revolutionizing Dragsters With Markforged

In the high-speed, high-stakes world of jet engine drag racing, manufacturing quality parts is a matter of life and death. Just ask Josette Roach, one of only five female jet dragster drivers in the entire world.

Josette Roach and Brian Tocci of Larsen Motorsports saw the need to create a custom steering wheel for Josette’s jet car that would fit her hands exactly. Enter Markforged, and our Simulation software, which allowed the team at Larsen to build this part with top-end accuracy.

Engineering Success Together

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blacksmith increase the accuracy of my machine?
Not at this time. Blacksmith is currently a verification tool that will provide an accuracy report.
What should I expect in the future from Blacksmith?
Blacksmith is designed for Adaptive Manufacturing which will use AI to improve printer accuracy for specific part geometries based on scan data.
How can I purchase and install Blacksmith on my machine?
Blacksmith can only be enabled on X7 machines after the system has been calibrated using an external calibration board artifact. Reach out to Hawk Ridge Systems to order a calibration board and sign up for a subscription.
What is the print workflow when using Blacksmith?
After your machine has been calibrated, you are able to turn on Blacksmith for individual part files within Eiger. As the part is being printed, the machine will scan layer by layer, creating a point cloud that will be compared to your original STL data. Lastly, you will receive a notification once your part and scan report are complete and ready for download.
Can I do custom inspections with the scan data?
Yes. Blacksmith allows for closer inspection of scan data, filtering based on accuracy thresholds, and comparative analysis from different surfaces and planes.
Which machines can I install Blacksmith on?
Blacksmith is only available on the Markforged X7 from the industrial line of printers.
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