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Login FAQs

Why can't I login or reset my password?
If you tried the forgot password and did not receive an email (check your junk folder) means you never created an account. You just need to create an account.
Why do I not see my license information when I log in?
We do not have license or serial number data on our site yet, you still need to visit SOLIDWORKS customer portal to view that data.
Where do I login to get customer support?

Please visit our support site. There you can create chats, open new tickets, and reply to pending cases.

What can I do when I login to Hawk Ridge Systems’ site?
You can purchase training courses, new software licenses, 3D printers, materials, and replacement parts. You can also easily make repeat purchases, fast!
Why do I not have a login automatically, I am a Hawk Ridge Systems customer?
Customers do not automatically get an account created. If you have never created an account online, means you do not have one yet. You just need to create an account.