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The Hexagon Absolute Arm is the world’s most accurate portable measuring arm. Use it alone for tactile probing, or pair it with a Hexagon 3D scanner for versatile scanning.

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Our Fastest, Most Versatile, Most Accurate 3D Scanning Measurement System

The Absolute Arm from Hexagon is designed for flexibility and is the world’s most accurate portable measuring arm. Use it alone for tactile probing, or pair it with a Hexagon 3D scanner for non-contact scanning applications. The Absolute Arm features the flexibility to adjust the wrist for application needs or operator comfort. It also allows you to quickly switch between probes or scanners without the need to recalibrate.

That kind of flexibility, combined with accuracy up to 6 microns, makes Hexagon’s Absolute Arm the clear choice for high-end portable measurement applications.


The range of the Absolute Arm offers probing accuracy as fine as 6 microns and scanning system accuracy to within 43 microns.
Even the largest Absolute Arm weighs less than 11 kilograms, making setup and repositioning a quick and easy process.
A patented kinematic probe joint minimizes downtime by allowing all probes to be swapped in and out on the fly with no need for recalibration.
The Absolute Arm features probing accuracy certified according to ISO 10360-12 as standard, along with full scanning system accuracy according to ISO 10360-8 Annex D. Accuracy verification can be performed directly by the user with the supplied CMM-certified artifact.
The robust and shock-resistant carry case keeps the arm properly protected and in perfect condition, wherever and however it’s transported.
The Absolute Arm uses an established and reliable software interface that is compatible with and supported by all major portable metrology software packages.


With extensive real-world experience and a large 3D scanner lineup from multiple brands, the Hawk Ridge team will work with you to evaluate your specific needs and use case in order to ensure we recommend the right system for you. Our dedicated support specialists and flexible training programs will ensure you get the most from your 3D scanning investment.

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Not ready for an in-house solution yet? Hawk Ridge can provide scanning, scan-to-CAD, and inspection services. Our extensive fleet of scanners can tackle virtually any job, regardless of size, and our modeling experts use the industry’s most powerful tools to get the job done fast.



Every company is different, and when it comes to training for 3D scanning, one size doesn’t fit all. Hawk Ridge Systems can tailor a training plan to focus on the needs of your application.

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Our scanning support specialists are 100% dedicated to our 3D scanning applications, have passed rigorous testing standards, and have extensive experience using our scanning products in the real world.

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How accurate is the Absolute Arm?
Accuracy varies with the size range but, for example, our 8-foot capacity, 85 Series arm is accurate to 0.002” over the entire length of the arm when using the laser. When using the probe, it is accurate to 0.001” over the entire length of the arm. On smaller parts, the Absolute Arm can be as accurate as 6 microns.
Is the arm heavy? How tired will I get using it for long periods of time?
The arm is designed with long use periods in mind. The Zero-G Counter Balance system creates a “neutral buoyancy”, so it does not require any appreciable effort to support the arm during use.
If I want to switch modes from laser to probe, will I have to remove the laser? Will I have to recalibrate it when I put it back on?
No to both. You can switch between laser and probe modes with the flick of a trigger, without removal, and the couplers on the scanner attachment do not require recalibration when reattached.
My parts have a lot of deep cavities. Can I remove the handgrip for scanning or probing inside tight spaces?
Yes, the handgrip on the Absolute Arm is removable.
I need to move in and out of production areas quickly. Can I be completely cord free while probing with the Absolute Arm?
Yes. Wireless controllers are available, and the arm can run on battery power. Mobility options like our rolling floor stand with lockout wheels make it even easier to get around.


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