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Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS is a simple, cloud-based product data management (PDM) solution for SOLIDWORKS files, ideal for small design teams.

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Cloud-Based Product Data Management for Small Design Teams

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS leverages the data management capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to allow you to store and manage your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, and drawings in a cloud-based data repository.

With this solution, you also have the ability to manage access to files, allowing multiple users to collaborate on a single assembly, as well as to move files through revision increments to track changes through a product’s lifecycle.

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS provides core data management functions for SOLIDWORKS users, but the functionality can also be extended with 3D Product Architect (manipulation of product structures) or Product Release Engineer (BOM export).

Native Cloud-Connected Data Management Workflows
Data Management of CAD files
Data Management Panel within SOLIDWORKS
Access to Data Management System from a Web Browser
Simple Revision Schemes and Workflows
Product Structure Modification
BOM Viewing and Export


As an experienced leader in 3DEXPERIENCE and data management knowledge, our team is here to help you decide if cloud-based PDM is right for your situation. And we will be right there with you to help you make the transition and get everything setup for success.

  • We helped a small design team collaborate together, working on the same assemblies. With team members working remotely, and no corporate network, the cloud-based Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS allowed the team to share data over the web without needing server and network infrastructure.
  • We helped a startup to setup up a cloud-connected data management system. Management and purchasing staff were able to observe the structure and status of the design, including 3D previews through a web browser, without needing SOLIDWORKS licenses.
  • We helped a solo practitioner engineering consultant setup a basic revisioning scheme to keep design projects organized, helping correct a previous workflow which involved changing filenames to manage revisions, and provided for smoother workflow, with fewer mistakes.
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Our comprehensive onboarding services help your teams get started with 3DEXPERIENCE data management. We’ll help setup logins and permissions for your team, customize the system to meet your business needs, then instruct your team on the core workflows that are important when managing your data.

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To get started with 3DEXPERIENCE data management, Hawk Ridge Systems provides both video training for key workflows, and customized user training for your team as part of our onboarding services. This provides a video resource you can refer back to, as well as personalized instruction for your team’s specific workflows.



Our support team is among the most experienced with 3DEXPERIENCE workflows. We can help diagnose any issues, and assist with specific questions. For deeper reviews, our Ask-an-Expert sessions can provide a deep-dive into a specific area of functionality for your team members.

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What is the 3DEXPERIENCE?
Think of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as a web-connected operating system for next-generation design and business applications. It allows a variety of functions to run, and these are unlocked by purchasing roles to conduct different workflows. In the case of Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS, it provides the infrastructure for a cloud-based data management scheme connected to your existing desktop SOLIDWORKS design data.
What roles do I need?
All users engaging with your design data will need the two pre-requisite roles for 3DEXPERIENCE – Collaborative Business Innovator and Collaborative Industry Innovator. For a non-CAD user, these two will be enough to review the status of data and preview them in 3D using your web browser. SOLIDWORKS users will also need the Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS role to be able to save SOLIDWORKS data into the system. Optionally, Product Release Engineer roles can be added for uses that want to export BOM information, and 3D Product Architect roles allow non-CAD users to create or edit product structures.
Who is Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS recommended for?
Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS is ideal for small design teams that wish to collaborate on the same design projects, or want more control over product revisions. It is especially attractive for companies without local server or network infrastructure, as it requires no local IT setup.
How does Collaborative Designer compare with SOLIDWORKS PDM?
Both SOLIDWORKS PDM and Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS are performing the same basic function – storing and managing SOLIDWORKS files. The key difference between the two is infrastructure. PDM requires a central server and a consistent LAN/WAN network connection for all users, while Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS can be used by simply connecting to the internet. Additionally, SOLIDWORKS PDM offers richer control of revision schemes, workflows, and approval steps, whereas best-practice schemes are pre-built into Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS.
How is Collaborative Designer licensed?
Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS, like all 3DEXPERIENCE roles, is purchased as a named-user term license, on either annual or quarterly terms. Each user participating in the data management workflow will need their own license which will be aligned with their email address. Each user can be assigned different roles, based on the functions they need to perform, and each role can be reassigned once every 30 days.


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