accounting for extreme deformation in nonlinear simulations

Balancing Simulation Accuracy vs. Speed

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In the world of finite element analysis, or FEA, many problems require nonlinear simulations to be accurate. Nonlinear stress analysis in advanced tools like SIMULIA Abaqus can account for extreme deformation and complex contact on large models, but these studies can also take a long time to solve. How can users perform these advanced simulations without sacrificing a huge increase in solve time?

Making intelligent simplifications and choosing the right approach can make a huge difference. Sometimes, you might want to use a dynamic simulation to solve a static problem. You may need to use an explicit solver. Or maybe you even need to use a special meshing technique.

If you missed out on the session entitled “Simulation Techniques for Extreme Deformation” at our D2M Extreme Conference, or did attend but were left wanting even more info, you should watch our webinar, “Balancing Simulation Accuracy vs. Speed.” We discuss simulation model approaches, software options, and hardware considerations that can help you tackle these advanced simulations in less time. Be sure to watch if you’d like to:

  • Discover techniques to create more efficient models
  • Learn which software is appropriate for which type of analysis
  • Explore hardware configuration and cloud computing options

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Keep an eye on the Hawk Ridge Systems blog for more webinar presentations and the latest info on analysis and all the tools in our design-to-manufacturing portfolio! If you have any questions, contact us today. Thanks for reading!

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Terence Woo

Terence Woo is a product manager at our Hawk Ridge Systems office in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has extensive experience with SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA analysis tools and helped hundreds of customers solve problems across many industries. When he isn’t working on simulation models, he spends his free time skiing, golfing, rock climbing and playing hockey.
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